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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Missha Crystal Nail Polish HGR01 Swatches + Dupe

I recently hauled this polish from Missha's big summer sale, which just ended not long ago. This is the Missha Crystal Nail Polish in the shade HGR01, which is a teal, blue, greenish gold, multi-chrome. 
The packaging is absolutely adorable. It has this really cute heart shape from cap to bottle. 

The brush and the wand is a bit wide. It makes application easy and you could pretty much apply polish to an entire nail in just one stroke. 
I'm not too fond of the wide wand because it picks up a lot of product and I have to swipe it around the rim so that I don't end up with a bloop of nail polish on my nails. 

The problem I have with this packaging is that the rim is just slightly larger than the wand so you want to be extra careful when taking the brush in and out of the tube or else you'll be making a big mess at the neck of the bottle.

And here comes the swatches...It's beautiful and very duochromatic and shiny as you can see.  The formula is very easy to work with and looks opaque in 3 coats, which is what I have on the swatches.

If you've been following my blog, you may have noticed that this shade is deja vu. 

To my surprise, HGR01 looked awefuly similar to China Glaze Unpredictable, which I had picked up just a few days before I received my Missha order.

Bellow is the side by side swatch comparison and they are pretty much dead on dupes as far as color goes.
There is a very slight variation in the formula between the two but they are similar enough that you don't need both.

The differences
  • HGR01 has a more shimmered / pixelated look when you take a good look at both
  • Unpredictable appears slightly smoother and more mirrored. 
  • HGR01 is slightly more pigmented and applies more evenly. With Unpredictable you'd have to be more careful about the brush stroke.
  • I prefer the brush on Unpredictable because it is easier to control the amount of product it picks up. The brush and wand on HGR01 picks up way too much product and can get messy.
  • HGR01 contains 7.5 ml of product and cost $6.99, whereas Unpredictable contains 14 ml (twice as much) for about the same price. You definitely get more bangs for your bucks with Unpredictable. 

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  1. beautiful color! it reminds me of the color of gas when its mixed with water. haha

    1. Thanks. I dont think I've ever seen gas mixed with water.

  2. what a lovely colour!
    I have a similar one from Chanel.


    always using it!

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    Miss Kwong: From Catwalk to Classroom
    Facebook: Miss Kwong From Catwalk to Classroom

    1. Thanks. Are you referring to Peridot? This is like the greener version of it, hehe.

  3. Thanks for doing the comparison. I got the missha version recently and I was going to haul a bunch of cg polishes, so now I know.

    1. yea you really don't need both of these unless it's a color you love and want a backup.


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