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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Playing Dress up With Minty Dress

So yesterday, I was in the mood to play dress up since I have been hauling quite a bit of clothes lately, particularly dresses and skirts. Please excuse the lighting. The light in the hallway is yellowy thus why I'm looking all yellow there, lol.

  • Minty dress from Charlotte Russe. I bought it maybe like a month ago. I can't remember how much I paid but I think it was no more than $25.00. It is still available online but cost a bit more than in-store for some reason. Either that or they reduced the price cause mine didn't come with a belt, lol. Here is the link for you  Looks pretty short on the model but I'm 5'3 and it falls like 2 inches above my knees.
  • Beaded belt from Dots. I've had this for years and barely use it. It's a really nice belt but I have a couple beads that went MIA, lol, so the quality isn't that great, which is sad cause this is such a pretty belt.
  • Purple cardigan from New York and Company. I think I bought this last year or so.
  • White wedge. Can't remember where I got these from. They are a couple years old.
I love the color of the dress and I like that it's a pretty simple but cute dress and I think the purple cardigan was a pretty good match. I wore this outfit to work a few days ago but with a different pair of shoes that probably didn't match cause I was in a rush, haha.

What would you pair this dress with?


  1. I love that dress! The color and cut are perfect!

    1. I love simple dresses like this.

  2. Sooo pretty!! :) <3

  3. you are very beautiful and gorgeous. wish you'd do video tutorials and fashion hauls as well.

    1. Aww thanks. My blogs keeps me very busy. I thought about doing videos but not sure if I know how to work it.


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