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Friday, November 22, 2013

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics All-Star Lip Tar Set - Swatch and Review

TGIF and I'm so happy to have the day off as well! I haven't posted in the past few days and it feels like I haven't posted in a month. Anyways, nothing really happened to me, I've just been tired and needing some time for myself. The sad thing is even with all these recent extravagant hauls, I haven't used half of the products I purchased and those I've tried, I haven't paid close enough attention to deliver a thorough review. So with that said, I will just talk about what I know and experienced so far and with limited edition products, they go fast so I feel the urgency to post them sooner.

The Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) Lip Tar All-Star Mini set was one of those set that I knew I had to get my hands on. All the shades in this mini set are part of the permanent lip tar line; however, this mini set is only available for a limited time so I suggest that if they sparkle your interests that you get them before they sell out.

  • I've always wanted to try them for the past couple of years but I really couldn't justify the price. A full size lip tar (.33 oz) retails for $18.00 but with this set you get 4 different shades (0.08 oz each) for $20.00, which appeals to me more because I know that I will never finish a full size tube. 
  • The set also include a small lip brush. Nice to have and you certainly will need a lip brush to apply these lip tars but for me I am highly likely to misplace and lose this little brush.

Memento, NSFW, Anime, Black Dahlia


  • Memento is a medium peachy rose lip color with a cream finish. It looks a little uneven up close but not very obvious from afar. It's a nice wearable color that I think a lot of people will like. 

  • NSFW is a neutral intense red with a cream finish. The color is super saturated. 

  • Anime is a bright neon fuchsia with a cream finish. It's a very fun and flirty shade of pink. Also very saturated color pay off.

  • Black Dahlia reminds me of the color of a black berry, a dark berry red. I really like the color but it does look blotchy up close and will highlight dry patchy areas of the lips. However, from an arm length's distance, it really doesn't look too bad. 

  • I'm not even sure why OCC labels them as matte because they are nothing matte to me unless you blot them with a tissue. 
  • They go on like a very intense lip gloss and settle into a cream finish. The OCC lip tars have a reputation for being highly saturated and it's true. The pigmentation is incredible, therefore a little goes a long way and the darker shades stain. 
  • They are a little thick but they spread out easily and don't feel heavy on the lips. They do bleed and some of them look a little patchy so I would definitely recommend that you pair them with a lip liner. With that said, the color also get on your teeth so you might want to blot the center of your lips at least to avoid that. 
  • I find them comfortable and slightly moisturizing. They have hemp and peppermint oil in them so they do have a bit of a minty scent to them. I can't tell you how long they wear cause I haven't tested them for that but judging from the pigmentation and staining power, I think you will get at the least 4 hours of wear. 

Final Thought

Pros: highly pigmented, long-wearing, comfortable. I love the colors in this set and the price point is something I can live with. You get to try 4 shades without breaking the bank. If you prefer neutral and daytime colors, I don't think this set is for you.
Cons: some shades are slightly blotchy. Colors bleed. This mini set is limited edition and only available at Sephora.
One thing I love and appreciate about these lip tars is that you can mix them together to create a custom color. Overall, this is a really nice set. Definitely a good value and way to introduce yourself to the brand.

Rating: 8.5/10

Price: $20.00
Availability: Sephora


  1. I love the mini size! They need more minis - I have the full size NSFW and Anime so I didn't get the set, but its a winner becauseall the best colors are in it! Great review!

    1. I agree they need more minis cause I really cant finish a full size

  2. wow it's quite pricey but the pigmentation is awesome. You get so many lips products, I wonder how you can choose what to wear everyday. lol....

    1. Lol I just grab the closest lip color I see. I dont think much about which one to wear unless I want to test for review

  3. I lost the brush included in this set within 5 minutes of opening it. UGH.

  4. This set is... perfect! I mean colour-wise. I'm very picky with that and normally I look at a set and I don't buy it because I know I wouldn't use 50% of the shades in it, but this one, I see myself wearing all of them. What a shame that we don't have this brand, neither have we Sephoras on the ice cube I live on.

    1. I like all the shades too. So sorry it's not available in your country

  5. Seriously, the Black Dahlia goes perfect with you!!

  6. These colors are amazing! I love Anime--it's so bright!!

  7. Memento is killing mee! I totally am trying to get back into lip products and have been loving all the nudey shades from OCC! I own NSFW but haven't worn it yet!


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