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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Freeman Facial Polish Mask Charcoal & Black Sugar Review

Happy Thanksgiving! Almost there but it may be Thanksgiving by the time you read this post. I want to take advantage of Black Friday deals but I still can't make up my mind on what to get. Sadly, I'd be working on Friday...Ughhh. What do you plan on getting? Are you going to be out there shopping on Black Friday?

Initially I purchased the packet trial and thought that this face mask was rather nice so I decided to get the full size tube. 

  • 6 oz or 150 ml tube. 
  • The trial size contains .5 oz which is enough products for 3 applications. 
  • I first remove my makeup with a makeup wipe then rinse my face with warm water and pat my face with a towel. While my face is still a little damp but not completely dry, I squeeze a quarter size amount of the mask/scrub on my hand and spread the product on my face and start rubbing in a circular motion.
  • The mask is thick and the scrub does a very good job at exfoliating. The friction isn't too harsh for me but if you have sensitive skin you'll probably will need to use less pressure when you're rubbing the scrub on your skin. 
  • I noticed a warm sensation when using it. It doesn't sting or burn but it definitely feels warm on the skin. It must be the active charcoal, which is supposed to absorb oil and impurities. 
  • I leave the mask for 5 minutes and then rinse with warm water. Honestly, I'm not even sure why they labeled it as a mask because it really is more of a scrub. 
  • My skin feel really smooth as I rinse the product away. I didn't find the mask drying but it wasn't really moisturizing either. My skin however feels more polished after use.
  • It has a rather pleasant and soft floral scent. I wasn't expecting that but I do like it. 

Final Thought

I've tried a few of these Freeman face masks and this is probably the only one that I actually like from the brand. Granted, I've had better but for a drugstore and budget friendly scrub/mask, it does a wonderful job with exfoliating and polishing the skin. I love the fact that the fragrance isn't too strong and it smells fresh and flowery. 

Rating: 8/10

Price: $3.99
Availability: CVS and Walgreens


  1. When it comes to my face I swear by Freeman. :) Never tried the masks, though, thank you for making me think about it I might just give it a chance!

    1. I like this one. It's great for exfoliating and the fragrance is not too strong. I find that the other Freeman masks I tried are heavily scented and it sometimes give me a headache.

  2. It looks very weird. I have the sea salt mask from freeman and I like it but I don't think it does really anything for my skin :p

    1. I tried the sample pack of the Sea Salt and it was ok too.

  3. I've never tried this one. I'm surprised by the scent, but that's good to know--I always assumed for some reason it wouldn't smell very pleasant. Might have to pick this up sometime for a little treat.

    1. Freeman masks tend to have a strong scent. I'm glad this one is more gentle and pleasant.


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