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Monday, February 20, 2012

Nail Supply Haul and Swatches

I went back to the little nail supply shop because I wanted to see if I could find a few nail polishes that I've had on my list and it was quite a successful trip since I managed to find most of them. I don't know about you guys but I've really been enjoying the Color Club nail polishes. I think they are pretty good and so much cheaper at the nail supply.

Here's what I picked up
  • OPI Designer...De Better! I'm so excited to find this polish at a discounted price. It's a metallic champagne foil with some copper shimmers.
  • Color Club Worth the Risque. A silver holographic nail polish. So excited to be able to add more holographic polishes to my stash.
  • Color Club Revvvolution. Here's another gorgeous dark charcoal holographic polish.
  • Color Club Snakeskin. A dark shimmery grey with gold shimmers.


Yes, I'm totally digging the neon colors. I need to have them in my stash.
  • Color Club Wham! Pow! Bright orange. The name of this polish cracks me up.
  • Color Club Get Your Lem-On. Bright yellow with an irridescent green shimmer
  • Color Club Twiggie. Light yellow tone green.
  • Color Club Gimme a Grape Big Kiss. Dark raspberry pink.
  • Color Club The Lime Starts Here. Fluorescent green.

That's it for my haul. My total with tax was only $25.56. Not bad eh for all these polishes? I will do some nail swatches when I get a chance so this is just a little preview of how they look on the nail wheel.

Would you wear these bright colors?

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