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Sunday, February 5, 2012

I'M Having A Baby!!!

Yes, I'm having a baby niece! LOL...Did you get excited too? Cause I'm extremely excited! My sister is due in early March and we are going to throw her a baby shower next week. So being the aunty, I'm gonna have to spoil that child. See that huge bucket? It needs to be filled all the way around so as you can see I still got room for more goodies. I got this bucket from Burlington Coat Factory for $5.99. It's a great multi-purpose basket and it's PINK! My sister could probably use this to do the baby's laundry.

I picked these items from Burlington Coat Factory, except for the blanket. They have such a huge selection for baby clothing and baby stuff.  The prices are pretty decent too so it's definitely the place to go.

Wardrobe Fund Piggy Bank ($7.99). This piggy bank is too stinking cute! Since we know she's going to have a girl, we know what that means...Better start saving for her wardrobe and accessories! What better way to do that other than providing mom with baby's first piggy bank, LOL. Heck, I could use one for myself too.

I bought this super soft fleece baby blanket from K-Mart for $9.99. What else can I say beside that it's cute and soft. She's going to love being cuddled in this blanket.

Of course, a baby's gonna have to have a tons of toy and I'm not too good at figuring out what toys to get but when I saw this bath toy, I had to buy it. Why? Because when you pull the string, you activate the motor of the boat and watch the penguin go for a spin in baby's bath. She's going to have so much fun taking bath with this toy! I would too cause I think it's so cool and my baths are pretty boring since I have no toys to play with, LOL. This toy was $4.99.

Another thing I think baby will need is some comfort pads for the seat belt. These will make baby's car trips a lot more comfortable. You insert these pads on each side of the seat belt that goes around baby's neck. It will provide a little bit of support for her neck. Gotta love those cute bunnies. They feel very soft and only cost $5.99.

Now on to the wardrobe! The first three outfits I bought from Burlington Coat Factory.

Outfit 1 ($9.99). How cute is that? Words cannot describe, just see it for yourself. This dress comes with a matching underwear.

Outfit 2 ($9.99)..Ruffles, flowers, plaids...Cutesy stuff all girl/women love. This is 3 pieces: cardigan, dress, and underwear.

Outfit 3 ($15.99). This is a 3 piece set: polka dots tee, stripped cardigan, and pants. I love the pink bow accents. So girly and cute.

Outfit 4. I can't remember how much I paid for this set but I bought it from Sears. It has 3 pieces: bodysuit, hoodie, and pants.

I bought this bodysuit from K-Mart for $5.99. Hahah, I thought it was too cute!

I came across these adorable shoes at Burlington Coat Factory and of course my baby niece is going to need them to go with her outfits. The white pair is $6.99 and the black pair is $4.99.

These socks are so cute and only $2.99 (also from Burlington Coat Factory). They have skid-proof soles so she can wear them at home to keep her feet warm and from slipping. I love the cute design too!

So that's it for my baby shower haul. My baby niece is going to look so cute and stylish. Awww I feel all mushy when I think of it. I can't wait to hold her and see her sport the outfits that I got for her.

I think I'm still going to buy some more stuff before the baby shower but what else can I get? Any suggestions?

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  1. Oh my god, you can't DO that to me, Pang! I almost had a heart attack. When I saw the title, my jaw literally dropped. I was getting all excited for you, then BAM! You're not pregnant -.-' LOL But it's okay because I'm still excited for your sister. Congrats to her and to all your family! What an exciting time, oooohhhhh, I just LOVE all the goodies you got! That baby's gonna be spoiled rotten! :D

    1. LOL, sorry I can't afford to have another baby. I am already supporting 3 so that's more than enough for me. But you know who's going to spoil that child even more than me? My sister May!

  2. youre so sweet Aunt =) lucky niece =) hihi

    1. I love shopping for baby showers. It's so much fun and it helps the parents too cause baby stuff are getting expensive.


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