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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Second Random Haul and Swatches

Here's the rest of the stuff I bought today and yesterday. I've been pretty much shopping everywhere, lol.
  • Suave Sleek anti-frizz cream. I just thought this looked like something I might need to smooth the flyaways and control the hair around my forhead since they sometimes have a mind of their own, lol. It was just a few bucks, so pretty cheap.

  • Spoiled Trust Fund Baby. After seeing a few people haul this polish, I've been dying to get it too. I think the combination of gold, pink, and blue glitters is very pretty. The pink glitters are actually squared.
  • Milani Sail Away. I was looking at the new Milani nail polish stand at CVS and contemplating on which new nail color I should get. They have quite a few new pretty shades. I picked Sail Away because it looks like nothing I have in my collection so this shade really stood out to me. It's a dark blue with silver shimmers running through it. It's a very beautiful color. The polish is also very pigmented and you could probably get away with just one coat. I was very tempted to get Mint Candy but decided that I'll pick it up another day.
  • Sally Handsen Hard as Nails Rockstar Pink has small pink, gold, and blue glitters in a clear base.

  • Sonia Kashuk Sheer Calypso (left) and Soft Pink (right) lipsticks. These were on clearance at Target for $2.68 each. I couldn't pass it up because I've always been wondering about the Sonia Kashuk makeup but have been waiting to see if I could get them while they are on sale. Lucky me, all the lipsticks were on clearance but I had to resist the temptation so I only picked 2 shades. As you can see from the swatch below, there is a bit of sheerness to the lipstick but still decently pigmented. My major concern when I pick makeup that is on clearance is that perhaps the product could have gone bad. I've had that happened to me before. Fortunately, these were still in perfect condition. They didn't look or smell funny when I opened the packaging so I'm super happy.

  • theBalm vol 3 palette. Here I go stalking TJ Maxx again. I was lucky today because I scored this palette for $9.99 and it was in nearly perfect condition. A tiny bit of eyeshadow chipped in one of them. Otherwise, everything else appear intact and unswatched! Amen! You guys know how hard it is to find makeup in good condition at TJ and Marshalls. I'm very excited that I got it for a steal, considering the original price is over $30.00. This is now my third theBalm palette that I own.

That is it for this second random haul. I have more coming soon as well, since I just can't stop shopping.

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