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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Haul and Swatches - Essie Luxeffects Pure Pearlfection and Steel-ing The Scene

I have been feeling so tired lately and the weather has gotten colder. Although for the most part, this has been a pretty mild winter as compared to the previous years.

A few weeks ago my sister gave me these two Essie nailpolishes that she bought from the nail supply store.

Luxeffects Pure Pearlfection. I wasn't sure if I was gonna love it or feel indifferent about it but I have been wanting it. It's quite transparent so it works best as a top coat.
Here is a swatch of it on top of Essie Glamour Purse. I think Pure Pearlfection adds a pretty subtle shimmer to the nail polish. The shimmers are white, green, and pink. It's nice to have but not something that's going to knock my socks off. The consistency of this polish leans more on the thicker side.

Steel-ing the Scene. Ugh, I'm at lost describing this color. It's like a metallic khaki with a light green tinge to it. I did three coats on the swatch because I feel that it helps making it look more opaque and evenly distributed. One thing I dislike is that the brush strokes look very obvious. I think the application and finish may be a deal breaker for some. I personally wouldn't wear this color alone cause it looks kinda boring. I will most likely pair this with some glitters.

What do you think of these two colors? Love them or leave them?

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