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Friday, February 3, 2012

Nail Supply Haul - Color Club, OPI, and Some Random Ones

So after finding out that my sister decided to go to the nail supply without telling me..*gasp* highly upsetting she didn't tell me...To console myself, I went out and bought some nail polishes from the little nail supply shop close to home. They don't have the greatest collection but still pretty decent.
The Color Club and the random polishes were $2.50 a bottle, which is pretty cheap. The OPI polishes were $5.00, not bad but still better than paying retail.
The Color Club polishes from left to right:
  • Nouveau Vintage - this one gave the impression of a green/brown duochrome from the bottle. I was very intrigued to see how it would look on my nails.
  • Wild At Heart - a reddish purple holographic. I'm super excited to find this. I love the holographic effects.
  • Backstage Pass - huge silver and pink hex glitters in a clear base coat.
  • Covered in Diamonds - clear milky base with holographic flakes


They had the OPI Nicki Minaj collection. I was mostly interested in Save me but then I thought Fly looked pretty too so I decided to scoop it up as well since it was cheaper.

Fly is a medium turquoise with creme finish.

Save Me is a clear polish with fine silver glitters and holographic fiber glitters.

Here are just some random polishes with brands I'm not familiar with but I just thought they looked interesting.

Jade Hollywood Nights looks like a fun-packed glitter bottle. It's got small gold, green, red, silver, and blue glitters.

Savina Gold Flecks is a clear base with gold and purple fiber glitters.

Verity Fireworks actually does remind me of fireworks, lol. It looks similar to Hollywood Nights but it has more red glitters

So that's all I got from the Nail Supply. My total was $27.50 for 9 bottles...not bad at all.


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