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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Missha Haul

I have been curious about BB creams for quite some time now and I finally caved in and decided that it was time I tried them. I saw one of the girls on Luuux do a post on her Missha haul and I took interest in the company.
I have always wanted to try asian cosmetics but being unfamiliar with their brands and products, I had no clue where to start. I wanna say Missha is a Korean company since it says on the packaging that the product was made in Korea, so correct me if I'm wrong.

There is a few reasons why I decided to place an order with them
  • If you sign up to be on their email list, you will receive a FREE Perfect Cover BB cream in the shade 21. Yes, you read it correct, a free full size BB cream!
  • There was a few specials and deals going at the time I place my order.
  • Missha now has several stores located in the US. Click here to view where they are if you are interested. Therefore, it's being shipped within the US to your home.
My initial impression is that it took about a week for me to receive my order, which isn't too bad. When I opened up the box, my order arrived in good condition. They used styrofoam peanuts, which I don't like. I would have prefered bubble wrap because I think it does a much better job at adding that extra layer of protection so that your product doesn't get damaged during shipping. Anyways, I'm glad nothing broke and I received everything that I ordered. So far, my first experience with this company has been good.

Now let's move on to what I purchased...

As you can see, I bought a ton of masks! LOL. These Pure Source masks were on BOGO free, so I had to take advantage of it cause I really wanted to give them a try. One thing that would have been helpful is if they indicated on their website what these masks were targeted for. I had no clue until I received them. These were 1.99 each.
  • Raspberry. Firming and nourishing.
  • Lemon. Control sebum and open pores.
  • Green Tea. Moisturizing and brightening.
  • Olive. Nourishing and moisturizing. This one was free as part of their promotion.
  • Honey. Moisturizing and glowing.
  • Pomegrenate. Control skin aging.
  • Pearl. Brightening and vitalizing.

  • I received 6 free Pure Source sheet masks. In case you were wondering, I don't get to pick my free item, they automatically chose the Aloe mask as the default freebie. This one is supposed to be soothing. I tried one pack on the first day that I got it and it really quenched my skin made it feel very moisturized.

The Real Essential sheet mask were also on sale BOGO free. Again, it would also have been helpful if they indicated on their website what these masks were for. These were $2.99 each.
  • Multi-Vita. Intensive brightening care.
  • Collagen. Intensive firming care.
  • Coenzyme Q10. Intensive anti-aging care.
  • Deep Sea Water. Intensive moisturizing care. I received 3 of these as the freebies.

Here is my free Missha Perfect Cover BB cream in shade 21. I'm thrilled that this was a free full size (50 ml) and not a sample size tube. I'm quite impressed with the packaging of these BB creams. They look high-end. This one comes with a pump. When I swatched it, it looked very light! I was afraid it's going to make me look like a ghost but I tried it today and it didnt' look too bad. I did have to contour my face though, otherwise, my face would look flat. Click here to read more about what is a BB cream if you still don't know.

I figured why not try another BB cream, so I purchased the travel size Missha Signature Real complete in the shade 23, natural yellow beige. I didn't want to commit to the full size bottle until I know this works for me. This tube costs me $10.19 for 20 g. I wore it the other day to work and my co-worker said that I looked much more asian, LMAO. I had to check my face after she told me that and I noticed it did brighten my complexion. My skin looked almost perfect, which was a bit creepy.

Now I saved the best for last. At first, I wasn't too sure about this lipstick but it was on sale for $9.59. The Signature Glam Art Rouge is regularly priced at $15.99, which is pricey for something I have no clue if I was going to like or not but I took the chance and only picked one. When I opened the box, I was blown away with the packaging. This has got to be the prettiest lipstick packaging I have ever seen. Just look at how gorgeous it is! I had no idea it was going to look this amazing. You can't even see the packaging when you look on Missha's page.

Even the molding of the lip color is quite interesting with its geometric shape. It almost looks like a bullet.

Here is a swatch of the lipstick. The shade I have here is SPK105, which looks like a medium pinkish coral. Picking a color from Missha's website was quite challenging. I will do a review and lip swatches once I get a good feel for the product.

By the way, I did get free shipping since I spent just a little over $40.00.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions about my haul.
What is your favorite BB cream?

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