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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Something Sweet for Valentine's Day

I hope you all enjoyed your V-day, whether you are alone or not, celebrate it or not. Our company passed around some cupcakes at work. I forgot to take a picture, lol. Before you know it, I already chowed it down.

This year, since I am single, I didn't do anything too special. I actually wasn't planning anything but when I was driving home from work, I felt the urge to get something sweet for myself and my kiddos.
I made a pit stop at Coldstone and picked up this delicous layered ice cream cake.

This one is called A Cheesecake Named Desire. It has layers of yellow cake, cheesecake ice cream with graham cracker crust and raspberry puree and a creamy raspberry frosting.
This cake was quite delicious and I loved the raspberry flavor. The frosting was made of whipped cream but the raspberry flavor in the frosting was very subtle. It was sweet but not overly sweet.

After I picked out the cake and went to the register, the customer that was already waiting before me looked at me, smiled, and said "aww you shouldn't have!" I just smiled back and said "it looks very delicious." Before he left, he wished me a happy valentine and went his merry way out. I feel a bit uneasy when men stare at me or try to talk to me in public. I'm really no help at engaging a conversation either. Go figure why I'm still single, lol.
How do you single people feel on V-day? I did miss having someone making me feel special but at the same time I also embrace my solitude and independence. I'm quite a self-indulgent person. That would be my biggest vice; therefore, it's very unlikely that I would deprive myself from the things that I enjoy.
People often ask, why are you still single? As if there was nothing wrong with me, lol. Umm hello?! See that empty cavity in my chest? Just kidding, I am neither heartless or hopeless. If anything, I'm just stuck in my own little world right now. Way off topic I know but anyways, the cake was flipping AWESOME! :D

Have you tried Coldstone cakes or ice creams before?



  1. Hi, I am interested in getting this particular cake for my birthday. Is the size of this cake 8''?
    Was it worth the price?

    1. it's been a while but I believe it is about 8". Is it worth the price? that's subjective and depends on your expectation. Personally, it was delicious to me and I don't indulge on fancy cakes often so I didn't mind the price.


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