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Monday, February 13, 2012

Milani One Coat Glitter Red Sparkle

I found out not long ago that this is the new version of the Red Sparkle. The original one did not have gold glitters in it. It was just red glitters. I really don't know why Milani didn't change the name. I mean how hard can it be to add a new name. Giving it the same name as the previous one can be confusing, especially that there is quite an obvious difference.
The red glitters are quite small and the gold glitters just slighter larger. I really like this glitter combo. The base is actually clear, which I like cause it's better for layering.
One thing that really boggles me is why they named this product "one coat." Sure you could do one coat if you want but one coat never turns out good with these polishes. The glitters are spread out very unevenly and they don't completely cover the nail. Here on the swatches I have 2 coats.
It's very glitzy so I'm not sure if I want to wear this on all of my nails but it would make a nice accent nail in my opinion.

Would you wear this alone or on top of another color?

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