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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Orly FX Swatches - Can't Be Tamed and Rockets Red Glare

I need a vacation and I need Spring to be here already. It's been a rough winter. My car is filthy with the aftermath of salt mixed with snow and dirt splattered all over it. Every time, I think about taking it to the car wash, we anticipate more snow. On the brighter side, I always have some pretty polishes to cheer me up.

On my last trip to Ulta, a couple weeks ago, I scooped these two Orly Glitters that were on clearance. I used my 20% off coupon and was able to get them for $3.99 each, which isn't bad.

Can't Be Tamed has dark purple hex glitters and smaller silver glitters in a clear base. I found the base to be rather thin so the brush doesn't pick up a whole lot of glitters therefore you have to dip it a couple times in order to pick a fair amount of glitters. With this one, you'd need to dab the glitters if you are picky about where and how you want them spread out. I swatched it over Sparitual North Star, which I also picked from Ulta. Coincidentally, they make a perfect pair.

Rockets Red Glare has medium and small vibrant red glitters in a clear base. The clear base is not too thick or thin. The glitters spread out easily but if you are picky about where you want the larger glitters, you'd need to dab or move it around before the polish dries. I paired it with Rimmel Gold Save The Queen


  1. oOo I like the gold with the red!!! Reminds me of the catching fire poster.


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