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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Haul

Hello Lovelies,

I apologize for this short hiatus. I've been a little busy around the holiday with life and work, and on top of that I've been feeling sick also so I didn't have the energy to work on my blog.

Perhaps went a little crazy over the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals but no regrets, I'm super pleased with what I was able to get my greedy hands on and still save a few bucks.

Urban Decay Haul

I was able to get the Electric palette for $28.00 and the 24-7 liquid eyeliner in Revolver for $8.00, with free shipping, free Black Velvet travel size, and free samples. 
I almost didn't get the palette but the reviews were good and with the discount too good to miss out. 

Tarte Haul

Tarte had 25% off their website on Black Friday. I ordered the chic to cheek deluxe Amazonian clay blush set ($26.25). Unfortunately, it is limited edition and now sold out on their website. In order to get free shipping, lol, I decided to grab the Amazonian clay waterproof 12-hour concealer in the shade light ($16.50).

My Beauty Addiction Haul

I can't remember how much the discount was for Black Friday but I recently discovered this Indie makeup company and I really like the lip color selection and pigmentation so I ordered a few more colors: Taupuccino, Pink-A-Boo, and Another Brick In The Wall. More swatches to follow when I get a chance...
They also included a free eyeshadow sample in the shade Karma, which is a very pretty purple with a slight silvery sheen to it. 

Sedona Lace Haul

The best deal they have is no doubt on Black Friday. Everything was 50% off. I ordered two of their Brow Spoolie Duo EB17. The reason I wanted this was because it's the only brow brush I was able to find that had a wider flat surface to make filling brows quicker.
I also decided to give a try with their gel liners. I got the shade: Gypsy, White Wedding, and Enchantress.

Sigma Beauty Haul

The only thing I got was the Precision 3DHD brush ($19 + free shipping) with the pink handle. I was debating to get the Kabuki 3DHD but decided to pass on it. What's interesting about this brush is the shape. It's flat and tapered on 2 sides. This will be good for applying concealer under the eye area and contouring the nose.

NYX Cosmetics Haul

NYX had 40% off deals and free shipping with order $25 and up....I couldn't pass that up either.

Missha Haul

Missha had a 40% off deal and of course I couldn't let this one slide either. The deal is still going till 12-28.

TJ Maxx Haul

Ok so this has nothing to do with Black Friday and Cyber monday but just wanted to let you know that I was able to find Deborah Lippmann nail polishes at my local TJ for $6.99 each! I couldn't believe my eyes and grabbed 4 of them. Also found this Kat Von D Foiled liquid lipstick in the shade Adora for $5.99! 

That's it for my haul! And hopefully, I won't need to do another one for a while...Which deal did you take advantage of during Black Friday/Cyber Monday?


  1. I used the super aqua moisture cream. The scent is a little... eh. But it is pretty moisturizing! I totally forgot to check Missha for the black friday/cyber monday deal! Well now I'm kicking myself...

    Still, you bought some great items!

    1. Missha sale hasn't ended yet. You can still save :)

  2. Holy haul! :) so many awesome products! I'm so envious you found DL! Such a steal!

    1. haha yeah I almost squealed from excitement!

  3. Omg!!! Awesome stuff!! I'm so jealous of those tarte blushes! I would love to own a few right now! Everyone says the texture is amazing! And so many missha products! I totally must try more things from them! Lastly those polishes I'd love to steal from you! You really did some great hauling!

    1. The tarte blushes are nice. It's too bad that set was limited edition. Otherwise, I usually shop Missha during their sale only, like now would be a good time.

  4. Amazing - so many things to combine.
    The purple silver eyeliner looks very interesting.
    Are you gonna show us a beauty bright purple christmas face next?
    Can't wait to see it - smile

    1. I don't know what it is with me lately...I really need to get back into the groove of blogging. Wish you a happy new year :)

    2. thank you :-)
      wish you the same ...
      about getting into the groove - just do a nice clown face and surprise us ...(chuckle)
      give it a try ...

  5. You got some great deals! I ended up mostly skipping all the sales, though I did get some Julep nail polish gift sets for friends. :)

    1. I wish I had more self control. I just can't resist a good sale. I usually hold off buying until I see a sale so I just have to jump on the opportunity.


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