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Monday, December 8, 2014

OPI Comet In The Sky and Snowglobetrotter

Well hello there! I didn't realized I've been gone this long already. I have been really busy with work and working on some decorative, semi-crafty holiday projects. I just can't go crafty all the way. I'm not that hardcore and I don't have that much patience but I probably would give it a try if it is worth the time. I am almost done with my holiday projects. Definitely will have to share some pictures with you cause I'm quite pleased with the stuff I managed to I put together. I haven't done holiday decorating in a few years so I kind of went a little crazy. Thank goodness many of the supplies I picked up where on sale but still...I probably could've gotten myself some extra Christmas presents with the amount I spent.

Anyhoo...It's getting late and I probably should get some sleep soon so with no further ado, here are the swatches of a couple new OPI polishes that just released. I got these from Ulta.

Comet in the Sky looks just mesmerizing in the bottle but the sad thing is that it doesn't look as vibrant on the nail. I had to fish a bit for the iridescent galaxy colored glitters. It also has some matte black glitters in it. Frankly, I would've preferred that they didn't include the black glitters. They just get in the way. On the swatches, I have it layered over L'Oreal Berry Nice and used a clear top coat. I probably should've used a toothpick or something to position the glitters where I want them. They look messy on the swatches.

Snowglobetrotter has different size glitters from white to iridescent blueish green glitter in a clear base, which I found a little thick but still easy to work with and picks up a pretty good amount of glitters. I have it layered over Sparitual Undercurrent and topped with a clear top coat. I probably should've layered it over a red nail polish but it still looks wintry and fun.

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  1. These are both really pretty in the bottle, but a little underwhelming on the nails. I agree that the black glitters are underwhelming. I've never seen the point of putting black glitters in a colorful glitter polish!


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