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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Overdue Haul - Ulta, MAC, Sephora, Eve Pearl, And More...

Hello beautiful readers,

I know I haven't been updating my blog as often as I normally should and this haul contains products I have collected in the last few weeks. I would also like to welcome and thanks my new followers for joining my blog. I hope everyone has been doing good and enjoyed their summer. I'm already feeling the cold draft of fall slowly making its way to Wisconsin. As far as I'm concerned, I'm doing better. My mind has just been wandering off and it was hard for me to focus on my blog.

I went to Ulta to redeem my customer reward and return a few nail polishes that I had bought and didn't like. I wasn't too thrilled about the choice of things I could get after spending that much money in that store. I decided to try a new fragrance so I picked Daisy by Marc Jacobs. It has a soft flowery scent, which is usually what I leans toward. I like it but I feel like something is missing. I prefer a more sensual scent. The value set was more bang for the bucks and included 3.4 oz eau de toilette, a travel size roller, a lotion, and a bodywash. I also bought Zoya nail polish Pandora and Orly Oh Cabana Boy. My total should've came up to about $100.00 but with my rewards, in-store coupon, and returns, I barely paid $30.00.
I stopped by Sally Beauty, which was within the same shopping center as Ulta, and purchased a pack of nail wheel, a lip treatment, and Finger Paints Hue Left a Message.
Oh and if you are wondering what the swatches are, they are from the new Urban Decay waterproof liquid eyeliners. I was just swatching them at the store. So far I really like Siren, the teal blue on the far left. It's the only color that really stood out. The rest look like deja vu.

Has anyone bought anything from the MAC Me Over collection? I wasn't thrilled with the collection as a whole but there was a few items that I really wanted. A small fortune spent on just a few items.
I purchased:
  • Cream Color Base Seaside - a shimmery/frosty champagne that can be used as a highlighter or eyeshadow base.
  • 2 Fluidlines, Midnight Blues and Dark Envy. This is my first time trying MAC Fluidlines.
  • 226 blending eyeshadow brush. This brush works really well and is only available in store (if you can still find it)
  • 211 eyeliner brush. This is unlike any eyeliner brush I have. You won't get a super skinny line with it but it works really well. It's firm with the right amount of flexibility and will give you a lot of control.

I picked these Sephora jumbo eyeliners (Grey and Kaki) because I liked the fact that they are waterproof, pigmented, and glide on very smoothly. I haven't tried them as eyeshadows yet and I'm not sure if that will work because they seem to dry and set very quick. Perhaps too quick. I really love the colors I picked. Kaki is definitely a shade you should check out.

I seriously didn't need these Milani products but having a coupon makes me buy stuff I don't always need. Pictured, I have the Infinite Liquid Eye Liner in Forever, which is like a shimmery dark gold with an orange and brown undertone. The staying power is pretty amazing although I wished the brush applicator was a little more firm.
Mix it Up is a dark base baked eyeshadow with fine blue glitters. I find the formula pretty pigmented and smooth. I swatched it without a primer but with a primer, the color looks so much prettier than pictured.

I couldn't find my DUO lash glue for the life of me. Defeated, I decided to try out this new lash adhesive from Revlon and OMG, I'm glad I did because I love this sooo much more. It doesn't irritate my eyes like the DUO does and keeps my false lashes in place. Plus I really like the brush applicator! This one is a winner. I highly recommend! I'm definitely saying bye bye to my DUO glue.

I certainly could use an extra blush brush. This Sonia Kashuk brush is just the perfect size, feels soft, and I like the fact it has the right amount of firmness and flexibility.

There was this store at the mall that was selling handmade soaps. This huge bar was only $8.00. A Lush bar soap this much would have been half the size of this one. There was so many different scents to choose from.

At last, I finally was able get my hands in these Eve Pearl cosmetics from Hautelook. I heard great things about her salmon concealer and wanted to try out her cream foundation also. In addition, I picked up a dual ended lipgloss. Baby Doll is a light sheer pink with gold shimmers and it reminded me a lot of NARS Orgasm. It has this minty scent that is so much better than NARS. Honey Bunny is a sheer peachy pink. I wished the gloss was a little more pigmented but it feels really nice and moisturizing. So I saved about $43.00 from original prices although my total still came up to $76.00 (before shipping).

So that pretty much sums up my collective haul. Let me know if you tried any of the items I purchased and how you liked them or which ones have you added to your wishlist.

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  1. Wow, I love everything you got! You always have the most amazing hauls :)

    One thing I definitely agree with you on is being disappointed about the selection of stuff you can redeem at Ulta. I happened to get a free Ulta eyeliner as my product of choice (among a very poor selection) after I've spent well over $200 in that store -.-' So aggravating, but getting something for free is better than getting nothing at all, I guess lol

  2. Nice collective haul :) I purchased the Mac 226 as well and I'm really liking it to apply shadow into my tiny, non existent Asian crease! I've been debating if I should get a lash glue since I don't wear lashes often and I usually use the free ones that come with Korean lashes. I think I'll buy the Revlon glue now! :D Hope you're doing well~

  3. Ooh great haul! The Revlon lash glue sounds amazing :)

  4. Huda - Another thing that aggravate me about Ulta is that the choice of selection always seems to be the same, ughh...They need to switch things up. You're right though. Anything free is good.

    AngelicBetrayal - I'm doing good hun. I'm loving the 226 too. I prefer the glue that I buy. They work better than the free ones, even if you dont use it often. It's only a few bucks and will last you long time.

    Lillian - I can't believe I didn't try it sooner, lol but I'm glad I did.


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