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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Blogger Awards

I was given a few blog awards already but didn't post it. Sooo sorry but I'm going to make up for it. So far I only remembered being given 3 awards so if one of you gave me one and I forgot to post it here, please refresh my terrible memory.
I'm thankful and flattered that those lovely ladies had me in mind. Please also check them out or follow them (if you haven't yet) because they have awesome blogs.

 Given by AngelicBetrayal

 Given by OhMyJemimahXD

Given by Pixie Polish for bloggers with less than 300 followers

To be honest, I get caught up with a lot of things...Keeping up with my personal life or more like my professional life, keeping up with my own blogs and Luuux blogs as well as those who follows me, keeping up with my hauls, etc...Well, you get the idea. I'm not trying to make excuses but I wanted you all to know that I ready do appreciate all those who have stopped by my page, taken the time to look or read what I posted, and left their mark. I want to apologize if it seems like I have neglected you.

I want to also take this moment to acknowledge some wonderful bloggers who also deserve recognition and pass on the rewards to them because they really do deserve it :). If you follow other bloggers and would like to also pass along these awards to them, please feel free to do so as well.

  • Yuki - Liebster Blog Award. She takes amazing pictures! I freaken love her EOTD.
  • Lindsay - Kreative Blogger Award. I love her nail designs. Always super cute and creative! She also has a very nice nail polish collection and I often run to the store looking for some of the ones she posts.
  • Huda - Liebster Blog Award. She just started with Blogspot but I've been following her on Luuux and she write great beauty posts and reviews. Also she has the sweetest personality.
  • Little Lucy - Liebster Blog Award. She features some very interesting beauty products. Always give me new ideas.
  • Xongie - Kreative Blogger Award. She is amazingly creative with sewing and arts & crafts. I seriously drool over the cute things she creates.
  • Lauren - Liebster Blog Award. I follow her on Luuux, where she posts most of her stuff. Very sweet personality and write wonderful and detailed reviews. She also features great beauty products.
  • AngelicBetrayal - Liebster Blog Award. She's a wonderful gal and blogger. She's quite active with her blog so there is always something new to keep my interest.
  • Lillian Low - Versatile Blogger Award. Wow this chica features products I've never even heard of. It's good to find out about great Indie products that many are not aware of. Watch out for her lipstick swatches, she has them in every color to tickle your fancy.
  • OhMyJemimahXD - Liebster Blog Award. You will fall in love with her blog at first sight. Seriously, cause I did. She definitely deserves more followers.
  • Sugarbumpkin - Liebstar Blog Award. I really want to beat myself in the head for not following her sooner. You'll also fall in love with her page the moment you see it.
I think one last piece of this Award Recognition is to state 7 or 10 facts about myself. I don't normally talk too much about myself here on a personal level because I'm not sure if it would be relevant to anyone. I will try to make this interesting so you can also get to know me better :)
  1. I was born in Thailand and raised in France. I came to the States at age 14. So with that said I speak 3 languages: Hmong, English, and French.
  2. How others described me: honest, nice, funny, talented, artistic, strong-minded, independent, smart, and down-to-earth.
  3. My biggest life challenges were:
    • dealing with the death of my father (when I was just 9) and everything else that came after that was just growing pains.
    • Moving to a new country. Wow, I had to relearn everything from language barriers to cultural barriers. It took me at least a year until I adjusted to my new environment. I felt like I was always behind.
    • Getting through a rough marriage and divorce and life after that. Divorce can pretty much be compared to a slow and painful death. It's like getting buried alive. If you can imagine how it's like to dig yourself out of a grave, perhaps you can relate a little to how that feels. In the end, I am thankful we managed to make our separate ways. I certainly couldn't imagine living the rest of my life in such misery.
  4.  I don't have many friends. First off being a single mother doesn't allow me a lot of time or opportunity for social interaction with others. Secondly, "real" friends are hard to find. I take the time to know someone until I can determine what kind of friends they will be.
  5. My biggest fear is physical pain. I have been blessed to be healthy and rarely ever get sick. I really don't know what I'm going to do with myself if something ever happens to me and I am unable to function normally.
  6. What makes me happy: good food, shoes, chocolate, makeup, shopping, traveling, being appreciated, being able to help, knowing someone thought of or care about me...
  7. What annoys me: slow computer or websites, people who act smarter than they really are, selfish-people, junk mails, people who complains but have no solution to the problem or issue, people who can't drive (they need to get out of my way, lol), people who don't practice what they preach, abuse in any shape or form...
  8. Things I wanna do before I die--sky diving, go on a cruise, meet my soul mate (if there is such a thing), see my grand-childrens, own a pair of Christian Louboutin.
  9. My biggest regret--taking so long to find myself.
  10. The best advices given to me:
    • people will treat you the way you allow them to (by Chao)
    • Treat everyone with kindness, even if they do not matter to you. People may not remember your kindness but they will remember the pain you caused them (by my mother)
    • Patience is a virtue but it doesn't always solve the issue (by someone I met online)
Thank you all for reading if you have come down to the end of this post.


  1. Awesome post!!! I really enjoy reading your posts and obviously others do too :) You're such a beautiful person inside and outside hun. Your kids are blessed to have a mother who is caring, fun, and wonderful. This def gives everyone a little chance to get to know you. I wanna go on a cruise too :D Love ya <3

  2. Aw, thankyou for giving me an award :D I think out of all of the blogs I read (the really popular ones included) you're one of the most down to earth and sincere bloggers :) Your facts were heartfelt and you're so brave for telling the world about your personal life! Stay strong and your kids are so lucky to have such a cool mom!

    On a side note, I'm going on a cruise in July and I've been on one two years ago. Cruises aren't really my thing because I'd rather go to a foreign country to explore :P But I'm getting dragged along by my parents so I have no choice XD You'll probably enjoy one though since you seem to have a very hectic lifestyle! ^^

  3. Aww, this is a great post! I especially loved reading those fact about you. Very interesting :) I am really honored that you gave me an award too ^_^ Thanks so much for thinking of me like that. I've honestly never heard of Blogger awards, but then again, I'm new to the site, so it's not surprising I've never heard of it before :) Thank you so much. This means a lot, and you do amazing posts as well!

  4. sugarplum--I love you too <3

    AngelicBetrayal--I'm pretty open about who I am as a person because I am comfortable in my own skin. I dont have the financial means to splurge on expensive trips at this point. But eventually, I'll make it happen. I'm sure you'll enjoy the cruise with your family. I would love to explore new places too...if only I could afford :p

    Huda--you are welcome and you deserve it :)

  5. I loved reading your facts about yourself. You are a beautiful woman with an amazing personality already, but it made me realize JUST how amazing you are. And when I read you lived in france and can speak french, immediately an episode of Friends popped into my head where Phoebe spoke French and Rachel was swooning and saying "oh my god, your so sexy!" LOL!

    okay, that sounds like I'm creepin' on you... I'm not...LOL! I just think its cool that you are able to speak so many languages.


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