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Sunday, September 28, 2014

My Beauty Addiction Haul and Swatches - Medusa Lip Paint, Violetta Lipstick, Emerald Lipstick

Happy Sunday! I'm back with some goodies and swatches as promised!

I hauled some more lippies from MBA. What can I say? The price is right, shipping is quick, and I like them.
If you want to try unconventional lip colors without breaking the bank, My Beauty Addiction got you covered with lots of shade range, including traditional lip colors as well. The lipsticks come in a regular lipstick tube, jar, or petite slim tubes. The choice of packaging is up to you and prices varies but personally so far I like them in the jar. They feel creamier and are much easier to apply.

I got the shade Medusa ($5.50), which is a medium dark green with subtle shimmers and slightly warm undertone. The formula is very creamy, fairly pigmented, and feels moisturizing and comfortable.

I picked up the shade Violetta ($5.00) in the petite lipstick packaging. It's a dark reddish plum with grey undertone and a slight frosty finish. Formula is creamy but applies slightly blotchy. Pigmentation is good but you need a couple swipe to get a more opaque finish. One thing I noticed about this lippie is that it had a stronger synthetic scent. It bothers me a bit but I do love the shade though.

On my previous haul, I got a sample of the shade Emerald ($5.50). I decided to get the full size jar this time around. If you wish you see the swatch for Emerald, please click HERE to go to my previous post.

I received a free sample of their loose eyeshadow in the shade Cancun. It's a light baby blue with a subtle shimmer.


  1. I think my favorite of this bunch is violetta, I've yet to go out with such a deep purple lip before but would love to!

    1. Violetta is a pretty vampy shade. I'm obsessed with dark and purple lip colors

  2. i like the green one - maybe inspiration for halloween ...

    1. It's definitely Halloween appropriate. I'm thinking a witch look with this shade or a forest fairy


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