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Thursday, October 16, 2014

MBA New Lipstick Shades Haul and Swatches - Fog'et About It, Teal With It, and Violet Riot

It's been a long week for me and working split shift just makes me feel like a zombie. Even though we just started to go back to our regular schedule, I still feel weak...sighhhh.

When I saw these new shades from My Beauty Addiction, I knew I had to get them so placed an order. Perfect time for Halloween but dang I don't have time to play with makeup either. Hopefully this weekend I can get some rest but seeing beautiful fall colors on my way to work every day makes me wanna go out and take some pictures before the wind blows them all away.

Fog'et About It is a medium grey with a blue undertone and cream finish. The pigmentation is excellent and opaque and the texture is creamy, easy to apply, and feels moisturizing and comfortable.

Teal With It is a medium dark blue teal with very subtle shimmers and cream finish. Again formula is nice, creamy, pigmented, and comfortable.

Violet Riot is a vibrant medium purple. This one will leave behind a bright pink stain behind, which is a bit annoying for me.

And lastly, a freebie with my purchase. I love it when companies throw in free samples. Jealous is a bright light green with yellow undertone.


  1. i love the medium dark blue one - are you gonna wear them for working?

    1. I wished I could...well blue lipstick is not allowed at work.


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