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Sunday, October 19, 2014

China Glaze All Aboard Fall 2014 - Choo-Choo Choose You and Mind the Gap Swatches

Choo-Choo Choose You is quite stunning one of the most unique shade I have in my collection. I'd say if there is only one polish from the collection you should get it's this one. It's a greyish blurple with greenish gold shimmers. The polish is a little sheer but can be build up to full coverage in 3 coats. The formula was very easy to work with. I love the depth it has and the shimmers look so glowy against the dark base. It's definitely a lot prettier in person than in pictures.

Mind The Gap is a medium dirty olive with green and gold shimmers. This one is quite sheer and thin and will need 3 coats to be full coverage. However, the formula is very easy to work with as well. I like it but I wished it had more depth like Choo-Choo Choose you.

So that's it, these are the only two that I felt I had to get from this collection, even though I think all of them looked nice. I love how fall-ish they look and I think I favor the fall collections a little more since I like darker colors. I purchased mines from Sally Beauty Supply.


  1. i love gold ones ...
    Did you let your nails growing a bit ?

    1. Yeah, that's about as far as I'll let them grow. I'm too clumsy with long nails.

  2. Three coats is a bit much for me, I usually will only put up with two coats! But that color and the finish is incredible! It's quite a unique shade!

    1. I'm ok with 3 coats as long as it doesn't take forever to dry hehe


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