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Sunday, March 22, 2015

I Love Nail Polish Ultra Chrome Flakies - Electric Carnival and Supernova

Happy Sunday!

It's been a beautiful weekend. The weather is feeling like Spring and I find that uplifting. These new holographic flakies came out about a month ago. I wasn't in a rush to get them but I knew I was going to get at least these two. 

You can purchase them from for $12.50 each. The turn around time is pretty good. I think I got my order within a week from the date I ordered and everything is always carefully packaged. I just noticed that they added more colors to the Holographic flakies so I'm really tempted to get some more. 

Electric Carnival is a multichrome flakie that shifts from a golden green, magenta, and bronze. The base is clear, not too thick or thin, and the great part is that there is a whole lot of flakies in that bottle so the brush picks up a fairly good amount on the first coat. It's easy to apply and work with. Woooah look at that gorgeousness! It's mesmerizing.

On the swatches, I have 2 coats of Electric Carnival over Sparitual Endless Possibilities.

Supernova is a multichrome flakie that shifts color from teal to magenta. I thought the name was really cool. Then again ILNP always has cool names for their polishes. The formula is pretty much the same as Electric Carnival. 

I only did one coat this time over Sparitual Undercurrent. On some of the swatches that I googled online, if you layer this completely over the nail, you can get a holographic foil look. 

What do you think of these flakies? 


  1. Supernova is just stunning! I would love to have a bottle of it right now! I would wear it all year round!

  2. Electric Carnival and Bifringence were my very first ILNP orders. These both look beautiful on you. I have since ordered Paradox (H), Hush, Fame and Supernova (H). These are some of the most beautiful polishes and they are entirely new and unique to my polish collection. I love all of them.


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