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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation Review

I'm about to run out of my Lancome Teint Idole Ultra foundation so I figure it was about time I purchase a new foundation soon. When I was checking out the Chanel counter a few weeks ago, I asked the sale's associate what are their new products and she introduced me to the Perfection Lumiere foundation which has recently launched.  I have light/medium skintone with neutral undertone, in my opinion. The sales associate suggested that the shade beige (30) is my closest match. I think it is slightly yellower than I would like it to be but close enough.

  • Glass bottle with plastic cap and pump
  • 1 fl oz
  • Has SPF 10. Oil Free.
  • The first thing I noticed about this foundation is the scent. It has a pretty strong fragrance to it. It's not unpleasant but it's the first time I've had a scented foundation. So for those who have a sensitive nose, you may want to sniff it first before you buy. I don't mind it that much but I would prefer that the scent wasn't so strong.
  • The first time I tried it on my face, I wasn't loving it. I used a flat top brush and I had a difficult time spreading the product on my skin because the consistency is thick and the formula dries very fast. The foundation looked patchy and cakey.
  • On the second day, I decided to try application with a flat foundation brush. That was worst since it left streaks on my face, still looks cakey, and half of the product gets stuck in the brush.
  • On the third day, I decided to just use my fingers and I was a lot more pleased. It looked more natural and even. What worked for me is doing a quick thin application all over my face with my fingers to even out my skintone. Areas where I need more coverage, I apply a small dot of foundation directly on my skin and use a brush to quickly blend it.
  • Because the formula sets so quickly, the application was tricky. It's best if you apply one area at a time and blend it really quick. 
  • You can actually skip the setting powder. You won't need it with this foundation.
  • This is a full coverage, long-wearing foundation, with a matte finish. I'm a bit oily on the T-zone and this foundation helped reduce the shine in that area.
  • The cost is pricey, $55.00.
At first, I really disliked the fact that I couldn't blend this foundation with my brush. I am a bit bummed that it sets and dries way too fast and doesn't allow me enough time to spread and buff it on my skin evenly. However, once I figured the best way to apply it, I've been enjoying this foundation. It covers unevenness and imperfection very well but it's a bit too matte and too full-coverage for my personal preference. This foundation works best for special occasion or photoshoot when you want your skin to look perfect and flawless for an extended period of time. You may look a bit overdone for regular use.
Overall, it does what it says it does. So if you are looking for a long-wearing, flawless, matte coverage foundation, this is it. The price may be a drawback though.
My rating 9/10. I deducted a point because the application was tricky and a bit of a pain, which is my major complaint.

Have you tried this? Or would you?

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  1. I'll pretty much try any foundation that won't obviously be horrible for me...especially if it's mattifying and full coverage!


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