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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weekend Haul - No It's Not Makeup, LOL

I went down to Chicago this weekend to hang out with friends. We decided to check out the mall before going out for the evening. I should've taken pix of my makeup and OOTD too but since I was out of town and we didn't have a lot of time to get ready, I didn't even bother.
Anyways, I didn't include some of the clothes that I bought because I thought they were pretty simple pieces. Besides, I'm not the best dressed when it comes to clothes. However, I think the shoes that I picked were worth noting. I got these pink/raspberry colored peep-toe booties from Payless shoes. When my eyes first saw them I was like wow, I need to try these. Instantly fell in love with them once I tried them on. I love the color and cut out pattern. I don't have any shoes this color so I was pretty excited. They are made of suede material and feel very comfortable. I have to admit, I certainly did not pay less for these babies, in spite of the name of the store. They were $60.00. For the style and comfort, I decided to get them anyways. If you are interested, the style name and number is Baie Gerlinde 89565-32 by Lela Rose.

October is breast cancer awareness month and to show my support, I bought these earrings. It also gives you a $5.00 coupon for your next purchase at Payless. I'm actually going to give these to my dear friend who is also battling breast cancer and loves shoes.

At New York and Company store, I purchased these jewelries. I love how simple and elegant these look. I was especially digging the necklace. It's a lot more sparkly in person. Thank goodness for coupons, I got them for 40% off. Original price of earrings are $19.95 and for the necklace, $22.95.

What have you hauled this weekend?

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  1. Love the shoes!!! Wow Payless is getting up there on shoes huh? They are cute though!!! i love the jewelry at NYC...


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