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Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Halloween Costume and FOTD

Ok, I'm on a roll with posting today. I was going to recreate this look and retake better pictures of my Halloween look and costume because when I went out to the Halloween party, I was in such rush that the pictures I took weren't that great. However, since I am too lazy to redo the whole thing, I am just going to post the picture I took on the day I went out, lol.
Please forgive the blurness and tackiness of the body shot.

I purchased this saloon girl outfit from for $50.00. I also was able to get 15% discount on it too. If interested, you can click HERE to see the costume info on the website. I know it might be too late to get this before Halloween but you can always get it for next year or if you just like wearing costumes.
Here is what it looks like on the model...Much better than me.

My thoughts on the costume...
The material wasn't the best but it looked pretty decent and the price wasn't too bad. On the back there is a laced ribbon and you can actually adjust to fit your needs. There is also a pink satin bow on the back around the waist line. The top was actually a bit big on me so my boobs was sorta out there and since I was in a rush, I didn't have time to sew of fix anything..Boo!
The outfit also comes with a matching choker, which seems to make me look like I don't have a neck, lol. I also wore fishnets and added a fabric rose to my hair.
Overall, I liked the costume. It's not something you see people typically wear to Halloween parties (I think).

For the look, my makeup was dramatic. I wore dark smokey blue eyeshadows and paired with MAC Rebel lipstick. And to complete the look, I of course had to curl my hair. Sorry, I didn't take better pictures of the makeup. I wish I did though.

That's it for my Halloween OOTD and FOTD. What are you going to be for Halloween? If you have pictures, I'd love to see them too.

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  1. Love that lip color, the whole thing looks great! I need to do a better post this year on my Halloween costume and makeup, I didn't feel good last year so I got lazy about it, lol.


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