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Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Super Duper NOTW :D

Ok, I don't generally hype about something unless it is amazing and this NOTW is OFF THE HOOK!
First off, I want to give myself a kick in the rear for not realizing how freakishly amazing this polish can be. I'm talking about the Milani Holographic Nail polish. The one I have on my nails is Hi-Tech, which is a greenish holographic.
On its own, it looks ok but compared to the other Milani Holographic polishes, the holographic in this particular polish looks a bit more noticeable.
Now, if you use a black nail polish underneath, the holographic seriously comes to life! As you can see, I tried to take several pictures from different angle in hopes to capture the holos the best way possible and it looks just stunning! I can't stop starring at my nails.
Now I am curious to try and see how the other shades look like with a black nail polish base.

What is your favorite nail polish combo? Please share.


  1. Oh my god, this looks so beautiful! Where do you purchase these polishes again?! I'm seriously gonna pick some up on my next shopping trip! It's interesting how using black nail polish underneath will make the holographic more noticeable! Every picture is just stunning.

  2. Thanks Huda, you can buy them anywhere they sell Milani such as Walgreens and CVS.

  3. that looks amazing! i would have passed on this because of the lime green color, but looks amazing over a black polish! now i have to wait for a good milani sale :D

  4. Lauren, believe me I couldn't believe I had this treasure all this time and didn't make good use of it.


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