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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Wet N Wild Ice Baby Collection Haul

I went to another Walgreens...Again, lol. When I found that these polishes were new, limited edition, and fully stocked, I was like wow my weekend has been AWWWWSOME! lol. I wished they were on BOGO sale though, nonetheless, I still bought them anyways. They probably aren't going to last long on the shelf and with me on the prowl, I've already snagged the majority of them, *evil grin*...I know I'm so greedy!

There is 8 of them in the collection but somehow I didn't get one of them because it sort of look similar to something I already have.
They are all glittery polishes so if you don't like glitters you won't care much for these. I like everything that sparkles even if they are not diamonds, lol.
They are $2.99 a pot so you could actually buy them all without breaking your piggy bank. I didn't try them on my nails yet but from my observation, there is a lot of glitters in the bottle and you may be able to get a pretty good coverage with 2 coats.
Not sure if I will be swatching these but if you are interested in seeing the swatches, let me know.


  1. haha omg, I grabbed the whole collection :p

  2. Oh they all look great! I'd love to see swatches, see if I need a cp :P I'm so jealous you can't get Wet n Wild over here!

  3. I want them all! I'm a sucker for sparkles.


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