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Monday, September 16, 2013

Zoya Pixie Dust Swatches

It's been a long Monday and I'm pretty tired. Better hit the sack early tonight or else I'm be looking like a zombie tomorrow.

Ready for another polish swatchathon? I hereby present to you my lastest Zoya Pixie Dust acquisition. Thankfully, I was able to swatch and draft this over the weekend.

Destiny is a flamboyant coral with gold shimmers. I just love how bright and sparkly it looks on my nails. It was released on their 2013 Pixie Dust summer collection.

Dhara is newly released for the fall 2013 Pixie Dust collection. It's a lovely orange textured polish with also gold shimmers.

Beatrix is lighter orange with more yellow to it and also has gold shimmers. It was part of the 2013 Pixie Dust summer collection.

Solange is a bright yellow gold textured polish. I find it to be much brighter and yellower in person than on my swatches. It was from their 2013 Pixie Dust summer collection as well.

Carter was just recently released with their 2013 Pixie Dust fall collection. It's a deep purple with bright pink shimmers/glitters.

And lastly, Arabella is a medium dark raspberry with pink, purple, and silver shimmers. The pigmentation of the base color yield such good color payoff that I only needed one coat for these swatches.

The formula was pretty consistent across the board. The application was easy and applied evenly. The color payoff was very good though Solange and Carter had a slightly less pigmented base. All except for Arabella needed just 2 coats. Like most textured polish, they dried also very quickly.

So far I've really been enjoying this textured polish trend. It's like adding candied sugar on your nails and I couldn't be happier to add these to my collection.

These are available on Zoya's website for $9.00. You may also find select colors at Ulta.


  1. Oooh wow!! They are all amazing, I want them all! I haven't tried the textured nail trend yet but I'd really like to. Great swatches xx

  2. So lovely! I just picked up Carter and Arabella and can't wait to try them out!

  3. These are beautiful...I want Carter (even though purple isn't my favorite), but this one looks so pretty and I also want Arabella.


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