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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Sleeping Mask Review

I guess I spoke too soon yesterday because I just broke my daily view record again and now I feel kinda stupid even talking about it. I've been teaching my son how to drive these past few weeks but only have been able to show him on the weekend for like an hour or two. He started practicing at a park but today, we actually drove around our neighborhood with moderate traffic. It was a nice change from moving around at the park and I'm pleased to see that his driving is getting better and that he is starting to gain more confidence behind the wheel.

So this is the first "Sleeping Mask" I have ever used and don't laugh but I had no idea what a sleeping mask was and I actually had to read the direction on how to use it.

Missha claims that this sleeping mask contains 15% snail slime extract and botanical stem cells to rejuvenate, moisturize, and promote healthy skin.

  • the packaging has a luxury appeal to it even though it is just a squeeze tube. 
  •  110 ml, approximately 3.72 oz, which is a pretty generous amount for skincare.

  • The direction says to apply before sleeping by avoiding eyes and mouth area and then rinse with water in the morning. 
  • The mask is a little thick when you squeeze it out but it feels creamy and melt and absorb very quickly once you apply it on the skin. Unlike the day moisturizer, the sleeping mask feels more like a cream but has the same botanical fresh scent. Once it dries, it actually has a mattifying effect. 
  • I have normal/combination oily skin. I didn't feel like the mask provided moisture but seem to work more like a humectant. Therefore, all it seems to do is retain that moisture that you have on your face. It doesn't soften or moisturize the skin. At least that isn't how my skin felt when I used it as directed. It didn't make my skin feel supple like a typical night cream would. 

Final Thought

I'm not sure how other sleeping masks compare but this one did not really feel moisturizing and I did not notice any change from using it. If you have dry skin, you probably should use a night cream first before applying the sleeping mask. Overall, it's one of those products that aren't bad but I feel like I don't need cause it didn't really do anything for me.

Rating: 8/10

Price: $22.99
Availability: Missha


  1. Hi there!!! I just got this one and tried it last night. I didn't feel any difference either, only that my forehead was a bit shiny this morning. I didn't use a foam this morning but didn't felt my face oily (I'm combo-oily too). I will keep on using it every other day this week to see if I see something changes. Thanks a lot for your review.

    1. Cool. Let me know what you think of it once you've tried it for a while. It didn't really do anything for me.

  2. Same as me. I use it frequently, and did not have any moisture to my skin.


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