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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

NYX Baked Eyeshadow Review and Swatches - Cosmos, Love Junkie, and Vesper

Happy Tuesday!

It feels nice to be on vacation even if I'm not doing anything special. It's relaxing and I really needed that. They have finally hired a manager and she will be starting next week. For the past couple years, we've undergone so many changes with new management and even though change is supposed to be good. I think we are all getting tired of things constantly changing. I have no doubt that this new manager is going to add some more changes. I really hope this is the last major change we have to go through.

Anyhow...let move on to the review of these somewhat new NYX Baked Eyeshadows that I picked up at Ulta a few weeks ago.

  • I think the packaging is adorable and sturdy, although a little bulky. It looks like a box with a bow on the opening side.
  • .1 oz or 3 g

  • Cosmos is a light shimmery minty green. This one is very sheer.
  • Love Junkie is a dark shimmery purple.
  • Vesper is a medium shimmery warm brown with pink undertone and s subtle silver sheen. 
  • Pigmentation is very weak on these eyeshadows, even with a primer. They swatch well with the finger but try applying them with a brush and you'll find that it doesn't pick up much product. 
  • They show up much better when I used them in conjunction with Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy. I personally do not like to use them wet but you could if you want to. It's just another hassle I think and doesn't do much difference with these eyeshadows. 
  • With a primer they last about 4 hours before fading.  With primer and Pixie Epoxy, they stay on for most of the day. 

Final Thought

My main complaint would be the lack of pigmentation and the longevity. You will need a base made especially for loose pigments or glitters in order to get the best out of them.

Rating: 7/10

Price: $6.00
Availability: Ulta, NYX Cosmetics

Cosmos. Left no primer, right with primer.
Cosmos. Left with Pixie Epoxy. Right with eyeshadow primer.

Love Junkie. Left no primer. Right with primer.
Love Junkie. Left with Pixie Epoxy. Right with eyeshadow primer.

Vesper. Left no primer. Right with primer.
Vesper. Left with Pixie Epoxy. Right with eyeshadow primer.

Cosmos / Love Junkie / Vesper over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy


  1. Holy cow, Vesper is such a beautiful color! That is going on my NYX wishlist :D


    1. it is a pretty natural color. I wished the pigmentation was better.

  2. What a pity about the pigmentation - Vesper looks like it would be a stunning shade!

    1. It's rather sad that NYX didn't get the formula or pigmentation right on these.

  3. These look so lovely in the packaging, it's a shame they aren't more pigmented.

    I'm glad you're getting to enjoy a little vacation time! Hopefully you won't have to deal with too many more changes at work. I agree, they say it's good but sometimes it's just a pain in the butt.

    1. The packaging is indeed very cute. Time is going way too fast. I'm already halfway through my vacation lol...noooo!

  4. 'Cosmos' reminds me of a Max Factor pale mint/lime I had & enjoyed. Great swatching.

    1. I'm so disappointed at how sheer it was :(


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