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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Zoya Blues - Breezi, Jo, and Mosheen

Few weeks ago, Zoya had a promo going where you could get 3 nail polishes for $12, including shipping.
It prompted me to place an order...I wasn't sure what I needed, lol, but after googling for swatches, I figured I liked these shades of blues...

Breezi is a medium slightly dusty blue creme. What I find interesting about this color is that it can look slightly teal depending on the lighting. So simple yet gorgeous and has a nice shine to it. The formula was not too thick or thin. Applied a bit patchy on the first coat but only needed a second coat for an even and opaque color pay off.

Jo is a medium periwrinkle blue with a subtle purple undertone and subtle light blue shimmers, giving it a pearlescent/satin finish. It's probably one of the most unique shade I have and my favorite out of the 3. If you love blues, I'd recommend you get this one. The formula is lovely and easy to work with. It yield full coverage in 2 coats.

Mosheen has a lightly bluish tinted base with lots of small holographic blue and teal bar glitters and small silver glitters. I have one coat of Mosheen on the swatches below over Breezi. It packs a decent amount of glitters and spread evenly. The base has just the right consistency. It looks prettier in the bottle I think.

So did you pick up any Zoya polishes with this past promo?


  1. I love Jo and Mosheen! They are sooo pretty! I have a relatively small polish collection but Ive got plenty of blues!

    1. Blues are definitely one of my favorite colors for nails.

  2. These are really gorgeous! Nice picks. :)


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