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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wet N Wild - Blue Had Me At Hello (Review & Swatches)

Wet N Wild came up with 3 new 8-pan eyeshadow palettes at the start of this year and you may or may not have seen them in your local drugstore. I have already reviewed the Comfort Zone palette as well as did a makeup look with it. So be sure to check it if you haven't done so already because it is the most wanted palette out of the three.

  • Cheap and convenient
  • 8 full-size eyeshadows
  • Net weight: 0.3 oz or 8.5 g
  • In the back of the palette, there are different makeup look combination suggestions.
  • Includes a cheap dual ended foam tip and brush applicator. 
  • Consist of mainly blue shades
  • You get a combination of shimmery, frosty, matte, and glittery colors.
  • Some colors are more pigmented than others but overall, they are fairly pigmented.
  • The matte shades are harder to blend ( color # 4 and 8)

  1. Frosty pearly white
  2. Shimmery light silver
  3. Matte black with blue shimmers (the most pigmented shade in this palette)
  4. Matte black
  5. Frosty light blue
  6. Shimmery teal blue
  7. Shimmery electric blue
  8. Matte black with silver glitters

If blues are right up your alley and you don't mind making a bold statement, then this palette is for you. This is a very good value palette in terms of quality, price, and amount of product. I really think adding another black with glitters was totally so unnecessary. My favorite colors would be 3 and 6 and my least favorite would be 8. I would recommend this palette for those who are brave enough to sport bright and bold colors or just want more colors to experiment with. My rating 8.5/10.

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