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Saturday, February 26, 2011

NARS Front Row Set - Complete Review and Swatches

I'm so backed up on my reviews. I bought this new NARS set from Sephora about a week ago. I've always wanted to try NARS products since everyone raves so much about them but decided to wait until I find something I really wanted to try because their stuff are not cheap. I have to admit the main reason I wanted this set is because of the eyeshadow, which alone can cost around $30.00. I was also very curious about everything that came in the package as well.

  • Everything came in a box and individually wrapped with black tissue paper.
  • NARS has this signature black velvety-like packaging that feels soft and luxurious to the touch but man this sucker grabs everything like dust, fingerprint, powders, and looks dirty.
  • Overall, the packaging is practical but could be better considering how much you pay for these.
  •  This set includes 4 items: Orgasm Lipgloss, Palm Springs Mini Multiple, Nouveau Monde eyeshadow duo, and Nuit Blanche eyeliner.
  • Cost $59.00 for a value of $97.00.
  • Limited edition and exclusive to Sephora.
  • Palm Spring Mini Multiple is a cream to powder stick that is suppose to have multiple uses. I would mainly use it as a highlighter for my cheeks but I can imagine you could also use this all over your eyelids. It's more on the sheer side. I think it looks very beautiful over the cheeks. The shimmers are very fine and add a subtle dewy finish. There isn't a whole lot of product in this little tube but enough for several uses. If you refer to the picture this is pretty much all that you'll get from it. Net weight is .14 oz. or 4 g. 

  • Nouveau Monde eyeshadow duo comes with two very beautiful colors. One is a light cool-toned lavender shimmer, and the other is and olive green with subtle gold shimmers. Both colors are very pigmented and easy to blend. This one is full size, .14 oz or 4 g.

  • Nuit Blanche is a felt-tip liquid eyeliner. I believe this is a full size product. It's actually quite black when swatched; however, this product is horrible. I have a very difficult time getting any product out of there because it is so dry, which makes application frustrating. For what I'm paying, I expect everything to be perfect, or at least workable. This one is a total FAIL!

  • Orgasm lipgloss is a beautiful peachy pink gloss with gold shimmers. It leans on the sheer side but will still give you lips some color. I actually really like this color and it feels moisturizing; however, I really don't like the smell. It has a very synthetic plastic scent to it and what's worst is that I can kinda taste it too. Yuck! What the hell NARS?! This is a full size lipgloss with .28 oz or 8 g.
  • Palm Springs and Nouveau Monde works like a charm. I have nothing bad to say about them.
  • As personal preference, I still would rather use powders or liquid highlighters.
  • Nuit Blance eyeliner is a complete fail because it's too dry.
  • Orgasm lipgloss can only get away with its color.
  • Argh...I'm not in love with the whole package but I'll keep it. To be honest, I think this brand is way overrated. It probably has the some of best blushes and eyeshadows in the market but as far as this package is concerned I'm pretty disapointed that I only like half the stuff that it came with considering I'm paying a pretty penny for all this.
  • My rating 5/10.

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  1. Thankful you did a product review on this. I think based off your blog posting, I'll pass. I have a NARS shadow that I love and thought all their products may be great. I do want to try their blush/bronzers too but not sure about the cheek stain.


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