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Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Amazing Collective Haul - Picture Heavy

LOL, ok it may not be amazing to everyone but it is to me. I have been buying stuff here and there for the past couple weeks until today and haven't got a chance to post about the new goodies. So here it goes...

My local grocery store (Pick N Save) was selling some beauty products for 75% off so I picked up a few Revlon lipsticks and a Maybelline blush so they ended up to be about a couple bucks each. Awesome deal if you ask me.
I also ordered a few items from Cherry Culture during their 20% off sale. These products include limited edition Milani nail polishes in Photo Flash and In A Flash, Milani Lip Flash Lip Pencils, and NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Yellow. The polishes looked very similar when I swatched them.

From the Dollar Tree store, I picked up these Sally Hansen lipglosses and an Art Deco nail art polish in black.

Lashes from For Love 21. Forgot how much I paid but it was less than $3.00.

Blush from For Love 2. Forgot how much I paid but it was relatively cheap.

Physicians Formula was on BOGO 50% off at CVS so I took advantage of the sale because they run on the pricier scale for drugstore products. The Happy Booster blush is just so pretty, I love the metallic pink packaging and the embossed heart design. The Eye Booster Eyeliner is infused with a lash growth serum, claiming to see results within 2 to 4 weeks. We'll see about that.

From Sally Beauty Supply, I bought a face brush, $1.99. This eyeshadow from Real Colors ($7.69) totally stopped me in my track and quickly got my attention. It looked sooo pretty in the packaging with an embossed quilted pattern and flecks of gold shimmers. I was like wow, this looks good, I must try it! I also bought 4 mini Sally Girl polishes and 2 Sally Girl lip color. They were buy 5 get one free and 99 cents each. The blue glitter polish looked a lot like OPI Last Friday Night from the Katy Perry collection. IDK why I even bothered, I guess I was just curious to compare them, lol. Not like it really matters to anyone.

With a strike of luck, I stumbled upon this limited edition Wet N Wild palette in Sugarplum Fairy long after they have been released at a Walgreens across town as I was hunting down the WNW 8 ES palettes. I couldn't believe my eyes, LOL. You should've seen how shocked and excited I was to get my hands on this one.

I don't know if these new China Glaze Crackle polishes are available in stores yet but I ordered the entire Crackle collection on for $32.00 and $3.00 shipping. So $35.00 in total, which is pretty reasonable. I ordered on 2-16 and received it within 3 days so I was very impressed and satisfied at how quickly it arrived. I will do a review or swatch on these as soon as possible.

I went to Sephora today and picked up a few items. This one is their Waterproof Flashy Liner in Flashy Mauve. I have nothing like it so I decided to give it a try. $8.00

Another item I picked up at Sephora is this black eye liner kit. This set contains 7 different brands of black eyeliners and a Smashbox liner brush. They are deluxe sampler size. I probably won't do a review on all these because I plan to give a few of them away as gifts. $36.00.

I finally found a reason to try NARS products, lol. I bought one of the 3 new limited edition sets. The Front Row set includes: Duo eyeshadow in Nouveau Monde, Mini Multiple in Palm Springs, Eyeliner Stylo in Nuits Blanches, and Lip Gloss in Orgasm. So excited! This set was the most appealing to me. $59.00 exclusively at Sephora.

I really wanted the Beauty in a Box set by Josie Maran but they are totally out of it, even online! :( I loved everything they included in the box. Totally worth the $52 for all that it comes with. This one is next on my list as soon as it becomes available.
I'm missing a picture from stuff I bought at Big Lots. I can't find it. Oh're probably thinking by now, omg addict! Yes pretty soon, I'm have to get in those pan project thingy.

What have you hauled recently? :)


  1. if you give the china glaze crackle collection a good review, i will buy it faster than you can say "crackle."

  2. Woooow fantastic haul! I'm so jealous of your awesome drug store brands! I really want that Physicians Formula blush, it's so so pretty! The sephora eyeliner set looks really cool. I've got some Cherry Culture items coming and just ordered some China Glaze, including 4 of the crackles, can't wait to get them!

  3. Lillian, where do you order your nail polish from?

  4. I got them from here:
    all the crackles are out of stock now, so it's good I ordered when I did! It was pretty cheap to $50 for 9 polishes and shipping to the UK :)

  5. Great Haul! You always find such great stuff!!! Let me know how the NARS worked out. I love NARS!

  6. this is an amazing haul! :) i havent hauled anything recently since im on project 2 pan. yay me

  7. Lillian--thanks for the link. I heard a bit about that website but never ordered from them before. You sure got a pretty good deal for all those polishes.

    Lauren--I give you props for your self control. I'm thinking about getting in the program but IDK if I can do it.

    Xongie--I will try to review the NARS set ASAP.

    Sugarbumpkin--They are fun polishes. Get the color that appeals to you the most. I wouldn't recommend the grey one though.


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