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Sunday, February 27, 2011

My MAC lipsticks Collection :)

Hi everyone,

This is going to be an overview of my MAC lipsticks. If you don't know it yet, I'm a huge lipstick/lipgloss junkie. I have a lot of lip products, probably enough to last me a lifetime without purchasing anymore but of course that's not going to happen because I'm always looking out for shades I don't have :).
I have reviewed and swatched some of them, if not I have used some of them in makeup looks. There are still some I have never posted.
My MAC lipsticks are mainly limited edition. I really don't know if it is any beneficial to do a review for you unless it's currently available or if I get a request. You may still find some of these at the CCO, which is also where I bought a lot of them from. They retail for $14.50 but can cost a little more if they come in a special packaging. If you purchase from a CCO, they are about $10.00.
If you are not familiar with MAC lipsticks, they come in different finishes:
  • Amplified--very pigmented, creamy, and high color payoff. 
  • Glaze--Sheer and glossy
  • Satin--Semi matte
  • Frost--Shimmery and shiny
  • Cremesheen--semi-opaque with a slight sheen.
  • Lustre--glossy and semi-sheer
I will hyperlink those that I have reviewed, swatched, or have more pictures if you are interested in them. If not hyperlinked then you can request and I'll be happy to do a review or swatch for you.

Creme D'Nude (Cremesheen) - Nude with a pinkish undertone. Permanent.
Rebel (Satin) - deep berry. Permanent.
Pervette (Glaze) - sheer lavender with blue shimmers. Permanent.
Up The Amp (Amplified) - medium berry with grey undertone. Permanent

Adore It (Glaze) - sheer berry pink with gold shimmers. Limited edition.
Racy (Frost) - coppery red with pink shimmers. Limited edition.
Real Treasure (Lustre) - sheer light brown with pink shimmers. Limited edition.
Soft Spot - sheer light pink with gold shimmers. Limited edition.

Blooming Lovely (Amplified) - light pinkish purple with a grey undertone. Limited edition.
Peachstock (Satin) - medium peachy nude. Permanent but only available at MAC Pro.
Petals & Peacocks (Amplified) - bright fuschia. Limited edition.

Ruling Class (Frost) - pinkish bronze with lots of pink, gold, and silver shimmers.
Aristo-Chic (Lustre) - glossy rosy brown. Limited edition.
Purple Rite (Frost) - pinkish purple with pink and gold shimmers. Limited edition.
Thrills (Frost) - orangy bronze with gold shimmers. Limited edition.

Toxic Tale (Satin) - bright pink with orange undertone. Limited edition.
Violetta (Amplified) - magenta with blue shimmers. Permanent but only available at MAC Pro.
Gaga (Lustre) - sheer bumble gum pink with blue undertone. Viva Glam.
Night Violet (Mattene) - Dark violet plum. Discontinued.

Jazzed (Cremesheen) - pinkish coral. Limited edition.
Gleam (Glaze) - light taupe with pinkish and cool undertone. Limited edition.
Go For It (Cremesheen) - lavender purple with blue undertone. Limited edition.
Aristo-Cat (Frost) - plummy purple with gold shimmers. Limited edition.

Questions, comment, or request? Feel free to ask :)


  1. can you do a collective swatch blog on these lippies please? =)

  2. You have a great variety of shades. I'm so plain, I stick to nudes and mauves only. hehe

  3. sugarbumkin...ok will do, when I have a little more time. I've been super busy with work and pretty tired when I get home.

    Xongie, I am plain most of the time, lol. But I like to have a variety of colors for days I dont wanna be plain :D


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