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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Going Wild with Wet N Wild! Got The new 8 ES Palettes!

Yaye! I'm ecstatic right now because for a while I have been stalking Walgreens to see if they got them in and today was my lucky day!

Blue Had Me At Hello

Comfort Zone

Petal Pusher
 As you already know or may not know, Wild N Wild eyeshadows have been a cult favorite among many including myself for their quality, affordable, and highly pigmented eyeshadows. These new eyeshadow palettes are slowly making their way in the stores. Each palette cost $4.99! What a deal!

Review and swatches will be coming up soon so stay tuned!


  1. Wow! you had it all! Here in the Philippines, they sell Wnw cosmetics 2x the price so that palette is 10 dollars each :|


    1. Dang that is expensive over there! How much is MAC then?

    2. Yes it is!!! MAC lipsticks are sold for approximately 23 dollars. I can never afford one! MAC is like superior brand of cosmetics here.


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