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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

L'Oreal Extraordinaire Gel-Lacque - Elegance Is Innate, All Shine On Me, Meant To Be

I gotta say even though the L'Oreal nail colors packaging don't look that fancy, they do have a nice flair to them and rather nice for being a drugstore product. These new Extraordinaire Gel-Lacque run about $8.00 and almost you just at much as OPI and Essie so with that said, my expectation would be a little higher.

The formula of the Extraordinaire Gel Lacque is supposed to give you the look and finish of a gel manicure without having to use a UV lamp. L'Oreal also sells a set of base coat and top coat to be used for these special polishes. I have not tried them and I don't know if they make a difference.

Formula-wise, I find them a little thick and tricky to apply. I would advise that you use a generous amount on your brush and spread them carefully and quickly because they tend to create bald spots in some areas and they dry fairly quick. They are quite pigmented. 2 coats should do the work but sometimes 3 was needed for the bald/uneven spots. Definitely works better if you wait a couple minutes between coats. There was also the occasional bubbling so do not shake but roll the bottle if you must. I was rather surprised at how dull they looked without a top coat. I was expecting them to look a lot shinier but I guess that's what the top coat is for.

I didn't get a chance to test all the shades but I did with one of them, which is All Shine On Me. I used it like I would any nail polish. I started with a base coat from my stash, 2-3 coats of nail color, and then a clear top coat from my stash. It wore well for 4 days with minor tip wear and started chipping on the 5th day.

My final thought is that they are just ok. They look and last just like a typical nail polish. If I was going to spend $8 on a nail polish, I'd rather skip these but if you can get them on sale then why not.

Elegance Is Innate is a dark blue black, slightly dusty, with a cream finish.

All Shine On Me is a dark grape purple with a cream finish.

Meant To Be is a medium raspberry red with a cream finish.


  1. For that price I would want more too! Although I feel like the drugstore brands are upping their prices to cash in while DIY nails are hot!

    1. Yeah they're just ok. At that price I rather buy myself some OPI or Essie

  2. At that price I expected better results from it. Nice honest review buddy :-)

    1. You're welcome. I was hoping they look flawless like gel polish and last at least a week


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