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Sunday, April 20, 2014

L'Oreal Liya's Nude

Liya's Nude is part of the new and limited edition Collection Privee, which came with a set of nude nail polishes and nude lipsticks. I gotta say I was very tempted to grab one or two of the lipsticks. I thought the packaging was really nice and fancy-looking but I just can't stand the scent of the lipsticks so that ended up saving me a few bucks.

Nude nail polish isn't really a color I'd wear often, simply because it looks too simple and boring. And when I do wear nude on my nails, I usually prefer to top it with some glitters or stamping some designs on top of it.
The Collection Privee had some pretty nice nude colors but I decided to just get Liya's Nude and that's probably because I was able to get it on sale.

Liya's Nude is a medium taupe with a slight purple undertone to it and a cream finish. I really like these L'Oreal nail polish brush, they similar to OPI's, not too big or too small and a bit flat for easy application. I thought the formula was excellent. Applied very smoothly and only needed 2 coats for full and even color pay off. I also find that the formula dries fairly quickly.

This is probably not a very unique nail color but if you do like and don't have a similar color, it's definitely worth a pick up because the formula is just perfect.

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