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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Orly FX Gravity Bound

You may still be able to find this nail polish at Sally Beauty. I got it from the clearance rack for $3.99 and I believe it was released like 2 or 3 months ago.
Gravity Bound has a sheer dark blue base with blue shimmers and purple and white glitters. Two coats is enough for full coverage. The issue I had is that the formula is thick and difficult to spread the polish evenly. Highly recommend you thin it down with nail polish thinner cause it's just annoying having work with it as it is.
It's a fun glittery color though.

On the swatches, I have two coats of Gravity Bound and clear top coat.


  1. Wow the colors are amazing! I hate getting glitter polish off though

    Would appreciate if you checked out my blog

    1. yeah they're a pain to remove but I would go through the trouble hehe

  2. Such a rich and fun nail polish! I'm so torn between how beautiful these are and how difficult they can be to remove! It looks awesome, I'd totally wear this with an all black outfit!

    1. It would look great with a black outfit. Sadly I just can't live without glitter lol.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you. Definitely need a lot of rest this weekend. Worked so hard. Wish you a great weekend too


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