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Saturday, January 10, 2015

My Beauty Addiction Lipstick/Lip Paint Swatches - Pink-A-Boo, Taupuccino, Another Brick In The Wall

I don't know about you guys but it has been freezing cold this whole week here in Wisconsin, with temperature and windchill down to -25. Well, it's still cold today as well and God knows how much longer we have to endure this but I am praying for warmer temps soon! With that said, I am much happier to stay nice and warm at home because going out there in this bitter cold is just brutal. So glad they closed the schools Thursday and Friday but I still ended up sending my kids on Tuesday and Wednesday. I did not want them to freeze their butts out in the cold waiting for the school bus.

So during Black Friday, I took the opportunity to order more lipstick and lip paint from My Beauty Addiction. I love the fast shipping and overall quality of these products. I feel that the formula is really at its best when you order them in the pot because they are much more dense, creamy, and easier to apply. I have a few in the slim tube packaging and just don't feel like the texture is as nice.

These normally go for $5.50 a pot, which is a pretty affordable and reasonable price. You can get them for a little less during a sale or promotion.

Pink-A-Boo, Taupuccino, Another Brick In The Wall

Pink-A-Boo is a medium pastel cool-toned pink with a little hint of violet and a cream finish. I think it would probably look more flattering for light to medium light skin tone but hey if you dig the color, no matter your skin color, the formula is very creamy and nicely pigmented.

Taupuccino is a medium cool toned brown with cream finish. I was hoping this color would look taupe but it definitely looks more brown in real life. It's actually more wearable than you think. Again, nice creamy and pigmented formula.

Another Brick In The Wall is a brick red with warm undertone and a cream finish. Excellent pigmentation and creamy formula. Would be perfect for the fall season.

Lastly, I also received a free eyeshadow sample. This is the shade Karma, a lovely medium purple with a nice satin sheen to it.

Tried these yet? Or plan on trying them soon?


  1. Woah! I never thought the colors would be THAT pigmented. I like Taupuccino so much. ☺

    1. Their lipsticks have a wonderful pigmentation and I love how affordable they are.


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