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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Essence Effect Nail Polish Glitz & Glam

Spotted this new nail polish from Essence at Ulta and just had to try it out. Glitz & Glam has a very sheer pink jelly color with teal shimmers and pink glitters. The consistency was neither thick or thin and easy to apply and work with. On the swatches, I have one coat layered over L'Oreal Lilac Coolers.
It looks so pretty and dreamy in the bottle but had difficulty finding the right polish to pair it with. I think it looks pretty good with a pale jelly pink.


  1. I bought this not too long ago and LOVE IT, plus it's so cheap! I love that you paired it with a lilac colour. I must try that myself.

  2. This is a gorgeous top coat!!! I have only 2 glitter top coats like this and I really need to try different bases to find which one is best! Happy new year to you!

  3. Aw...that's so gorgeous in the bottle, I thought it'd be much stronger on the nails! But it does look really pretty over that lilac polish.

    1. I only did one coat but you can certainly do 2 or 3 coats if you like more glitter.


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