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Thursday, July 24, 2014

ELF Essential Smudge Pots Swatch, Review, Makeup Look - Crusin Chic, Aint That Sweet, Ocean Bound

What a day! Got a little shaken up this morning on our way to work with a minor car accident. A car pulled up from the Walgreen's driveway and ran into my car when he tried to make a left turn. I thought he totally effed up my car but miraculously only my tire and hubcap was scratched. He's got a dent on his bumper and broke his headlight. Could have been worst but thank God it wasn't. Still, it killed my mood for the day and I got to work late.

Other than this unfortunate event, I have a review to share about these beautiful cream eyeshdows...

  • Clear plastic jar with screw top.
  • .19 oz or 5.5 g

  • Crusin Chic is a shimmery cool toned medium brown with a subtle gold sheen. It's a gorgeous neutral color. Definitely my favorite between the three. It applies easily and evenly and has good pigmentation.
  • Ain't That Sweet is a shimmery pearlescent white with some pink shimmers in it. Very seashell like. This shade could have been a lot prettier but the pigmentation was lacking and applied slightly blotchy. 
  • Ocean Bound is a medium shimmery blue with a grey undertone. I felt this color was a little drier than the other two and also applied a little unevenly. 
  • The texture of these smudge pots is actually thin and buttery. I was a little surprised at how much slip I was getting at first but within a minute or so of applying them, they start to set, which give you plenty of time to blend and even out the application. You can apply 2 or 3 layers to even out application and build up the color without the shadow looking cakey and flaky. 
  • Once they set, they last up to 6 hours before showing signs of fading and that's without a primer. I experienced a bit of creasing with Ain't That Sweet but the other two colors wore just fine. 
  • They are easier to apply and blend with your fingers. Brushes just aren't effective with these. 

Final Thought

Formula, consistency, and pigmentation vary a bit between the shades but overall, I was surprised they lasted up to 6 hours without creasing and smudging. I would have liked the jar to be a little more wide so that I can dip my finger in it if I wanted to but since the opening is a little narrow, I avoid doing so that I don't end up with product under my nails. I normally use a spatula and scoop a little bit at a time.

Rating: 8/10

Price: $3.00
Availability: ELF 

Crusin Chic

Ain't That Sweet

Ocean Bound

Cruisin Chic, Ain't That Sweet, Ocean Bound


  1. Whew I'm glad you're okay! These sure look nice!

    1. Thank you. I hope they add more colors to the line.

  2. My gosh...the Cruising chic and ocean bound looks so amazing. Did you buy these online?

    1. Yes, I purchased them online. I haven't found them in store.

  3. Pretty! I'm glad you're okay--your accident sounds scary. Thank goodness the car wasn't totaled or (worse) you had to go to the hospital!

    1. It was scary but we were very lucky to come out of it with just some scratches on my tire. :)

  4. OOOO cruising chic and ocean bound are my faves! I much prefer the sleeker packaging of these compared to the bigger bulkier cream shadow pots from them in the past!

    1. Thanks I agree, I like that the packaging is not bulky like their old ones.


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