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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Essence All About Candies Eyeshadow - Swatches, Review, and Eye Makeup Looks

We got snowed. It wasn't much but still, it has been pretty cold and I am sick and tired of the Winter. I hope Spring arrives early. Too bad this little palette wasn't very uplifting either...Sighh...

  • mall and sleek 6 pan eyeshadow palette.
  • .29 oz or 8.5 g
  • The colors look pretty cute in the packaging and reminded me of cotton candy but they are so pale and sheer that I had to layer them several time in order for them to show on the swatches.
  • The pale pink, lilac, and peach look very similar to each other when swatched. 
  • They last about 6 hours with a good primer.

Final Thought

It's unfortunate that the colors are so pale and sheer. If you can help it, I would say skip this palette, otherwise you can somewhat make it work by using a colored base.

Rating: 6/10

Price: $4.99
Availability: Ulta

1. pale shimmery gold
2. pale shimmery pink
3. pale shimmery lilac. Looks pretty identical to #2 when swatched.

4. pale shimmery peach
5. pale shimmery blue
6. pale shimmery green

I have the pink, blue, and green colors over a nude cream eyeshadow

I used a medium brown cream eyeshadow as base an added the shimmery light gold on top. 


  1. They are really sheer but they do look great in these eye looks - especially the first look, adore that one a lot!

  2. Yes, these definitely are very sheer! I'm quite sure a newbie to make up maybe happy with this but you'd totally only be good with a base with these! Thanks for the review!

  3. Very pretty palette. I Have a huge giveaway on my blog honey and I would love it Iif you would have a look.

  4. How could it get 6/10 when it is not pigmented at all?


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