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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Milani Gems Glitter Nail Polish

I bought this glitter polish a couple weeks ago. I think the name of it suits it pretty well because when I looked at it, it did remind me of gems. The base color is clear and you have different size and shape of glitters. They are blue, orange-red, silver, gold, and green. There is quite plenty of glitters so you get a pretty decent coverage with 2 coats. If you want to completely cover your nails with the glitters you will need at least 3 - 4 coats, if not more depending on how you layer it. I tried it as a top coat with other colors as base and I'm not too crazy about it. Perhaps I'll like it more if I completely cover my nails with it but that would be glitter explosion on my nails. I think it will work best on just one or two accent nails.

2 coats

2 coats with different base colors

What do you think of this glitter nail polish? Love it or leave it?


  1. I would probably leave this one. I like glitter but not colorful glitter. I'm not sure what to even wear this with.

  2. This is cute do they have others?!


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