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Monday, January 17, 2011

Essence Nail Polish - Choose Me

This is another Essence product I picked up from Ulta a few weeks ago. The bottle is relatively smaller than your typical OPI or China Glaze bottle. You get .16 oz or 5 ml of product, which may not seem like much if you plan to wear this often. The good news is it only cost 99 cents and the shade is absolutely gorgeous! It's a turquoise color with small flecks of green and gold. The sparkles actually appear more vivid in person. It applies smoothly and evenly. The formula is semi-opaque, I did 2 coats on the picture. A third coat would make it more opaque. The drying time is average to fast, IMO. Anyways, if you liked the color of China Glaze Atlantis but don't like to deal with glitters. You may want to pick this one up. For the price, you really won't be sorry. I absolutely love it.

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