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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ulta Professional Nail Lacquer - For Bitten

I hauled a few nail polishes a couple weeks ago as Ulta had a BOGO sale and bought some more today during a pit stop at Sally Beauty Supply. So for the heads up, yes I will be doing a few nail polish swatches for you. I'm probably not the best when it comes to reviewing nail polishes but I will do my best to describe the product to you and as always include pictures that are as true in color as my camera can capture.

When I stumbled upon For Bitten, I definitely knew I had to get it. It's not a common shade that you see in nail polishes. This has a reddish black base with fine fuchsia, magenta, and gold shimmers that adds a bit of depth to the black base. It looks like a very dark plum in the bottle. It doesn't appear amazing in natural lighting but under artificial light you can definitely see the magenta sparkles. It looks very pretty and vampy and can be either a love or hate depending on your personal tastes. Two coats for an opaque color. $7.50.

No flash

with flash

What do you think of this color?


  1. I do like this color. I'm glad you did a review on this one. I bought some Ulta nail polish (Not the professional line) before but I was highly disappointed in the quality of the polish. I felt like I had to put numerous coats to make it look even and found the polish to be rather runny. So would you say the professional line is better?

  2. So far so good. This one applied evenly. I think when it comes to nail polishes, the formula or finish may vary depending on the color.


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