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Monday, January 17, 2011

Essence Nail Polish - Plum Perfect

Yes it's another nail polish review, lol! I've just been hauling nail polishes like crazy so bear with me. If you are interested in other products, don't hesitate to make a request. I try to swich things around but at the same time, try to review the latest product I bought and a lot of them involved nail polishes.
With that said, this is also another 99 cents nail polish from Ulta. I think this brand gets overlooked and deserves a little more exposure and praise. Their products are actually pretty decent and similar to Wet N Wild in quality and price. The bottle is quite small (.16 oz / 5 ml) but the quality and price makes up for it.
This shade applies very smoothly and evenly and goes almost opaque on the first coat. It's pretty pigmented I must say. It's a cream finish, no shimmers whatesoever, and the color isn't exactly what I would describe as a plum but more of a deepened raspberry.


  1. I have this color and love it. and you are correct this brand does get overlooked! I like the other one you reviewed as well.


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