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Sunday, January 23, 2011


Yes, I went back to CVS yesterday again to see what else I may want and missed out on my last visit, lol. Ughhh, this is the life of an addict. But seriously, the sale is soooo damn good that you'd be crazy not wanting to buy anything.

- Milani's products were on BOGO 50% off. I purchased a Glitzy Glamour Gloss in 06 All About Me for $7.79. Lipflash in 06 Flashy for $3.89
- L'oreal HIP Cream Eyeliner in Eggplant, Teal, and Midnight Blue. These are originally $12.99. I got them for $3.25 each. AMAZING! I've always wanted to try these and finally this was my chance. I never wanted to buy them at the full price because I thought they were too expensive for drugstore product. I'm super duper excited I got these on sale. The discount didn't show up when I was at the register even though they had the sale sticker on so I had to tell the cashier that they were supposed to be 75% off. He had to manually adjust the price. So be sure to check for the price when they scan your items that are supposed to be on sale. You don't want to pay more than what you have to.
- Sally Hansen Insta-Fix Nail Repair Kit. I hope this thing works. My nails are always breaking and chipping. I got this on sale for $2.49. Original price is $9.99.

I don't plan on going back to get anymore goodies, unless I see someone post an interesting product on sale that I feel I should get.

I don't know when I'll get to review these but hopefully as soon as possible. I have so much stuff in my review basket.


  1. the gel liners are AWESOME! noooo i'll have to break my spending ban now!

  2. nice haul :) love looking at wat other ppl buy ^^

  3. I thought only the brown shade of the cream eyeliners was on sale! I guess I'm going back... ;)

  4. oh wait, I caaaan't. Duh, animal testing ban. Bummer. I'm still going back for Revlon lippies though LOL

  5. Guess what? Thanks to you! I was finally able to go to CVS and get some great deals too!

  6. Yuki, you are quite the advocate for animal testing ban. I admire your will power.

    Xongie...LOL, I'm glad you found some great deals.


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