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Friday, January 7, 2011

MAC Imperial Flower Nail Polish

Finally, taking some time off from eyeshadows. I bought this nail polish a couple weeks ago from the CCO for roughly $9.00. So if you like it, it may be available at your local CCO too. MAC has so many collections that come and go that I cannot recall which one this was from, lol.
This is a gorgeous reddish orange nail polish that applies very opaque with two coats. I have a thing for products that has a touch of gold in it. I don't know, it just looks more interesting, doesn't it? Aside from some fine gold shimmers, there is also some pink shimmers in the mix. It dried fairly quick. I don't know how long this can potentially last on the nails because I haven't put it to the test but results may vary depending on your lifestyle and how you treat your nails. I think this is a great shade for summer.

Without flash

With flash

Love it or leave it?

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