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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Today's Shopping Haul

I went to the mall, mainly in the intention of returning/exchanging a lipstick I had bought from Sephora. I decided to check out a couple places before heading to Sephora.

Bakers is having a sale and their shoes are being marked down up to 75% off. I definitely wanted to check that out. Ahhh I'm so happy I did cause I got 2 pairs that I really like.

These boots were on sale for $29.90. I'm not sure if the fabric is suede but the look and feel is similar to it. The heels are not too high, which is nice so that means I can wear this to run errands with pair of leggings or skinny jeans. I love love the bow in the back, it's super cute and adds more oomph.
Style name: Bow, Color: 65 ICE, Style number: 613.

The moment I tried these flats on my feet, I was instantly in love. I thought they were gorgeous not to mention comfortable! But guess what, these were on sale for $10.90!!! Amazing!
Style name: Brielle, Style number: 1784, Color 72-NTRL.

My other pit stop was by For Love 21, which I believe is a sister company of Forever 21. This store sells mostly accessories.

I immediately fell in love with these colorful feather earrings. Super cute and I don't have anything like it. Each cost $3.80.
The hair bows are attached to small clips and I just love bows so I had to get these. They cost $1.50.

Stay tune for my beauty haul. I figure I'll do it separately.

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  1. CUTE boots!!!! I too love the bow in the back. And most of all, I love the color!


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