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Thursday, January 17, 2013

TJ Maxx and Sally Beauty Haul

Hello lovelies,

There's these two stores that I just can't ignore because I drive by every day. Once again, I've found some pretty awesome nail polishes at TJ Maxx. When I walked into the store, I really wasn't expecting much but I when I saw the rack full of glittery and shiny stuff, I could hardly contain myself. I spent most of my time at the store scavenging over that rack trying to figure out what I'm going to pick. I was limited to the amount of stuff I could carry with my two bare hands so I had to put some back on the shelf, lol.

These came in a duo packaging from the Winter Affair collection and I don't know why but when Color Club does that, the label with the name of the polishes go missing. The left polish is Gift of Sparkle and on the right Snow Flakes. I totally missed out on Gift of Sparkle. Sally Beauty was selling the collection but when I got to it, this color was already gone. Now I see why! It's sooooo pretty and sparkly! It looks way better in person. This will be my next mani for sure :D. As far as Snow Flakes, it's very similar to other flakies we've seen before. I didn't really need it but had to get it with the duo and it was only $3.99.

Orly Stone Cold. I guess this one was meant to be. The last time I saw it, I refrained from picking it up but this time, I just had to have it and I'm so glad that I did because it's an amazing blue!

Color Club Magnetic Sci-Fi.It's got some sparkling gold in it, which makes it really stand out.

These two Nicole by OPI polishes were sold in a set and I literally drooled over that bluish purple one. The one thing that always get me is sometimes the polish doesn't turn out as pretty as it does in the bottle. This duo came with a pretty sweet price so I can't complain.

Station Electrical Storm. Ok so I'm not really feeling the storm coming from this polish. It is a very sheer pearlescent white with some iridescent blue shimmers. I mainly intend to use this for layering so hopefully, I might get some electrical waves when I pair this with another color.

I spotted this makeup carrying case and thought that it was so cute with the polka dots, stripes, and satin fabric. It has that sassy style that I love. My old makeup carrying case, well technically it wasn't a makeup case but I just used it as one, was just a fancy looking cardboard box that was getting worn out and showing signs of wear and tear on the handle. It was time for a new one and this one looked like a keeper. It's roomy enough to fit the necessities and it's also light weight. The case is made by Jack Design, which I never heard of it before but I like how they have the detail of the brand on the zipper slider. It think that was a nice touch. It was only $9.99.

I threw all of my nail polishes in this case and proceeded to do more damages, lol. Just kidding, the only other things I purchased from TJ other than the case and nail polishes are a few boxes of chocolate that were on clearance.

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And finally, I didn't really get much out of Sally Beauty but some more nail wheels since I love to swatch my polishes as soon as I get home but don't want to do it on my nails. I also got Finger Paints Sparkle and Snowflake from the clearance.

Yeah yeah I know I haul nail polishes like I'm buying groceries. I'm obsessed so stay tuned for more, lol...

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  1. I love the nail polish selection at TJ Maxx, there are so many great finds. I love buying Essie polishes there x

    1. They sure had a lot of Essie. If only Essie was a little more glittery, I think I would collect more polishes from them :D

  2. So many lovely polishes here! Looking forward to seeing the blue/purple Nicole swatches, they look gorgeous. I'm terrible for hauling nail polish too! Those pesky bargain stores Haha x

    1. The fact that the price is reduced almost makes me feel like I SHOULD buy it, lol.

  3. Replies
    1. It's dangerous cause I go there almost every week because I drive by it all the time.

  4. Ooh that purple Color Club polish looks amazing!


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